Shaq’s Impact: Mike Tyson’s Ex-Opponent’s Fight Against a Bodybuilder Goes Viral on Shaquille O’Neal’s 30,000,000 Strong Network


O’Neal shared a post on Instagram about the June 30 celebrity boxing fight that is set to go down in the metaverse.

Shaquille O’Neal’s getting ready for Celebrity Boxing Bout

With the help of groundbreaking volumetric technology, 9x World Champion Roy Jones Jr., a true titan of the boxing world, is set to square off against an unexpected contender in the first-ever live combat sport in the metaverse. A bodybuilder who became an internet sensation called Robert “NDO Champ” Wilmote, he was the runner-up in the 2019 Arnold Classic in the super heavyweight division.

What sounds like a Hollywood movie setup is soon to become a reality. And they have Shaq on board. With a genuine mismatch of styles, the two gladiators will battle it out virtually. While most thought Roy’s boxing career to be a done deal, his return courtesy of Celebrity Boxing has been a genuine treat for fans of the legendary boxer.


Shaq was so impressed that he put up the match graphic on his Instagram. However, like with any other sport, the matchup has a lot of skeptics. Some fans were upset at the idea of a true boxing legend fighting it out against a “Tiktoker”.

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Jones Jr’s last major fight came in 2020, even if the result still remains controversial. A matchup between icons, Roy vs Mike Tyson did not disappoint. However, the split-draw decision marred the fight to a certain extent, as fans felt Tyson was in control throughout the bout. Regardless of the pre-match hype, a vote of confidence from Shaq certainly goes a long way, as evidenced by his music festival numbers.


Shaquille O’Neal put on the DJ Diesel avatar for his Bass music festival

After claiming his love for Texas and dreams of settling down in the state, O’Neal’s admiration for the state became even clearer in the following days. Announcing the commencement of Shaq’s Bass All Stars music festival in Texas, Shaq was full of pride.

Claiming that thousands were already in the waiting room, Shaq clearly seems proud of the success of the event. As his social media presence continues to grow, an event like this can further solidify his music career as well.

Music or boxing, Diesel’s interests remain varied. So, whether in Texas or Miami, Shaq is omnipresent in the entertainment industry.


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