Unbelievable Turn of Events: Mike Tyson’s Astonishment as John Ryder Lands a Blow on Canelo Alvarez


In a world where televised spectacles rule, boxing maestro Canelo Alvarez gave a performance that left both fans and critics enthralled and confounded. His recent fight against John Ryder, a homecoming showcase, attracted a staggering 14 million Mexican viewers — a figure hard to fathom even in the glittering world of pugilism.

Yet, beneath the shining achievement and across the triumphant audience roars, a certain unease brewed in the living room of one of boxing’s greatest, Mike Tyson.


Mike Tyson’s reaction to Canelo Alvarez & his performance

In the boxing world, everyone has their eyes glued to the fighters, analyzing every move, every choice. The recently aired podcast featuring Mike Tyson and Stephen A. Smith wasn’t any different. Their conversation, revolving around boxing legend Canelo Alvarez, garnered a lot of attention.

Their dialogue kicked off with Smith’s concern about Canelo’s recent performances, “I think Canelo has slipped a little bit,” he said. Tyson agreed, “Saw that last fight of Canelo, I can’t believe th at guy was hitting him.” Alvarez, known for his strong defense, seemed to be opening up to more hits than usual, catching Tyson’s keen boxing eye.


Smith added his perspective, hinting at a dissatisfaction towards Alvarez’s choice of opponents. He noted, “Yeah he’s getting hit too much and not only that I’m pissed off at the fights he’s taking.” Smith alluded to the need for Alvarez to face more challenging competitors, ones that the boxing community is already familiar with.


The controversial matchups and opposing arguments

The conversation took an interesting turn as ‘Iron Mike’ mentioned a potential match-up with Eric Morrell. Despite Smith’s apparent lack of familiarity with Morrell, Tyson seemed to consider him a worthy opponent for Alvarez.

Stephen A. Smith then expressed his viewpoint on the potential matchup between Benavidez and Charlo, suggesting that both these promising fighters deserve a shot with Alvarez. Smith asserted, “You the champ take them both on. Fight one of them and let the winner fight the other.”

Their conversation wraps up, revealing a shared concern about Canelito’s fight choices. This conversation lays the groundwork for a broader discussion about match-ups and the future of boxing. While Alvarez’s achievement of attracting over 14 million Mexican viewers for his homecoming fight cannot be ignored, it is apparent that even in the face of such massive success, there are lingering doubts.


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