Mike Tyson’s Favorite Fight Unveiled, Along with the Harsh Question That Left Him Puzzled: ‘Why’d you let that bum beat on you?’


Mike Tyson has been involved some of the best fights ever, but he has one clear favourite.

The heavyweight legend reigned as undisputed champion and is considered a legend of the boxing game, having shared the ring with the likes of Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno.

He even recently returned to the ring in an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr, and has even been heavily linked with a hugely unlikely exhibition against Jake Paul.

But there is one fight that stands out in the mind of ‘Iron’…


Tyson has shared the ring with heavyweight loyalty and always drew huge crowds when he stepped into the ring.

There is a huge selection of historic and entertaining nights to choose from in terms of his own career which have transcended the sport.

However, he believes there is one that stands out in particular back in 1988.

He s aid in an interview with Joe Budden TV: “Larry Holmes. Because I was a young kid, I was nineteen, and he was probably about 40.


“Larry Holmes fought Muhammad Ali, and he kicked his a**. The next day, my mentor [Cus D’amato] called Ali and said , ‘Why’d you let that bum beat on you?’

“He told Ali, ‘I’ve got this fourteen-year-old kid, he’s going to be champion of the world – tell him to stick with me.’

“So Ali told me, ‘Cus is my man, he’s going to make you champion of the world. Then I told him, ‘When I get big, I’ll get him [Holmes] for you.”

Tyson managed to avenge the defeat that Muhammad Ali picked up against Holmes, knocking out his compatriot in a fight billed ‘Heavyweight History’.

‘Iron’ is regularly placed alongside Ali when pundits and fans alike discuss their favourite fighters, but many feel his career was even mishandled despite his success.


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