Rogan’s Ringmaster: Fans Go Wild as Joe Rogan Nails the Perfect Mike Tyson Impression


Mike Tyson had his way with words that captivated the public. He did not attain the title of ‘the baddest man on the planet’ solely by being a fierce boxer inside the ring. He spoke from a place of profound introspection, vehement emotions and undoubtedly with confidence. It bears mention that, Tyson lived a life of extremes; extreme highs and extreme lows. His life experiences shaped him into a man with a unique personality. The sport of boxing had not seen such a distinguished figure ever since Muhammad Ali.

However, Joe Rogan, an American stand-up comedian, was influenced by Tyson growing up. Subsequently, he developed the art of mimicking Tyson. Rogan is multi-faceted. He is the podcast host of The Joe Rogan Experience, is a UFC commentator, and a popular stand-up comedian. That being said, he is not necessarily known for his impressions. Yet, when he mimicked Mike Tyson, he was extremely accurate. Meanwhile, the fans took notice of Rogan’s impression and were quite taken aback.


Joe Rogan’s impression of Mike Tyson amuses fans

Rogan, on his podcast, discussed Tyson as an athlete. He was fascinated to witness Tyson’s work ethic and his way of talking. He attempted to imitate him and said, “I run at 5:30 in the morning because it is dark out and I always assume that my opponents still sleeping and that gives me extra strength. extra confidence.”


The impression was precise and the fans were amused to witness the same. A fan named lewe666 touched upon the overlooked talent of Rogan and stated, “Joe’s impressions are underrated af”

Another fan named lipperyjohnson7016 was awestruck by Tyson not just in the capacity of a athlete but as a human being. He stated, “There will never be another boxer like a young Tyson. Pure animal”



On similar lines, another fan Nadia Black expressed how distinct Tyson is as an individual. She stated, “Mike really was an impressive example of the human species”

While, one fan wishes is of the opinion that Joe Rogan is an interesting individual to listen to especially when he gives his opinion about other people. The fan stated, “I love listening to joe rogan talk about people he likes the way he talks about them that shit would make me feel so good”

Lastly, fan VenomousGym was impressed by the impression and stated, “This is most accurate impression I’ve ever heard of Tyson”


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