Mike Tyson and John Fury’s Explosive Conversation Reveals Shocking Insight into Deontay Wilder’s Inability to Accept Defeat


Mike Tyson and John Fury Sr recorded a podcast together with Boxing Arabia, which has now finally been released.

At one point they discussed John’s emotional decision to name his son after Tyson, as he was the heavyweight world champion at the time in 1988.

Fury has since of course gone on to claim that throne himself, and became a two-time champ in 2020 by beating Deontay Wilder.

In the aftermath of this fight, the Bronze Bomber blamed the demise of his unbeaten record on just about everything he could possibly think of.

First, Wilder claimed that his ring walk costume was too heavy and said this weakened his legs.


He then accused Fury of cheating via glove tampering and insisted the Gypsy King had egg weights tucked inside which left a dent in his head.

Wilder next said he was spiked with muscle relaxer and sacked his assistant trainer Mark Breland who he believed could have been involved in this.


And finally he accused referee Kenny Bayless of handling the bout unfairly.


These excuses angered Fury Sr, and when the subject of Wilder came up during his podcast with Tyson, he did not hold back.

Fury Sr began: “Wilder’s a great fighter, but he needs to take a leaf out of this man’s [Tyson’s] book on how to respect other fighters, doesn’t he?



“That’s the only thing he ain’t got, Deontay Wilder.

“He doesn’t respect other fighters Mike, does he?”

Tyson replied: “Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t take losses well.

“But it’s hard. Sometimes when people lose they internalise it instead of saying, ‘It’s because of me, I’m not good enough.’

“It’s just a day at the office, everybody has a bad day.

“Sometimes we have four or five bad days, but we never give up, we still go to work.”


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