Mike Tyson Reveals the Dire Consequences He Faces for Confronting a Wealthy Rapper Worth $70 Million


Wiz Khalifa, who is a famous American Rapper and a big fan of combat sports, trains in MMA from time to time. And in the recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he got indulged in the conversation of sparring with Mike Tyson. Tyson replied that he’ll have to face consequences if he laid his hands on Khalifa.

Well, many boxing fans would be interested to see them get involved in a fun sparring session. But Tyson is too big and heavy for Khalifa. However, that’s not the reason Tyson doesn’t want to face Khalifa. The two also went on to discuss the future of music.


Mike Tyson on sparring with Wiz Khalifa

The co-host of the show, DJ Whoo Kid, asked Mike Tyson to spar with Wiz Khalifa, as he was too intrigued to see that match-up. He wanted to see Khalifa’s skills against an actual boxer. Here, the rapper interrupted him and said, “Mike don’t wanna hit me. It’s not even I don’t wanna do it, he doesn’t want to hit me.”

The rapper understands that there are weight classes for a reason, and it would be futile to get inside the ring with a Heavyweight, even if it’s just sparring. Tyson understood Khalifa’s sentiments, and he stated that it was too much of a hassle to put on shorts for just a sparring session.


Then he also revealed the repercussions he will have to face if he even touched Khalifa. He said, “My kids will- my kids will attack me.” So Tyson waved off the topic cleverly. And then he talked about how he doesn’t know anything about the trends that are going on in social media. One time, he even blamed the influence of social media for encouraging “disrespect” in his viral altercation video on a flight.


Mike Tyson comments on the future of music

Kid, after his failed attempt to make the other two entities spar with each other, asked Khalifa about the future of music. Khalifa replied that a lot of things have changed in the industry now, as the 45-second songs on TikTok are “winning” and even his son listens to that format more.

Tyson interrupted here and stated, “I don’t know sh*t that’s going on out there.” Khalifa further went on to talk about how there would be no more unfair music contracts, as most of the artists are capable of sustaining independently.


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