Mike Tyson’s Heartbreaking Breakdown as He Honors His Adopted Father and the Pigeons Who Brought Him Solace

Mike Tyson broke down in tears after a heart-warming tribute to his adopted dad delivered by John Fury, the father of boxing champion Tyson Fury.

John has mentioned previously his love for Mike Tyson was so great that he ended up naming his son after him and the boxing coach got to tell his idol just how much admiration he has for him this past week.

The pair recorded a podcast together in Saudi Arabia as John revealed he’s been watching the New York native ever since he turned professional.

“I watched this man since he first turned pro in early 1985, is that right, Mike? I watched everything he’s done,” John said.

“I didn’t have any money, I had no electricity, no running water all I had was a petrol generator that you had to pull a string out to make it work.

“I used to get up at ten past three in the morning, start my generator, ready for this guy to rock and roll.

“I spent my whole life admiring him and I felt sorry for him at the same time when Cus died.”



Cus D’Amato took a 12-year-old Tyson under his wing and adopted him when his mother died as he guided him into the world of boxing.

However, the coach passed away a year before Tyson made history and became the youngest heavyweight champion ever at the age of 20 years old in 1986.


Fury added: “He was like a father to you wasn’t he? He was his father and many a time when I’ve seen the documentaries with your pigeons and that with you and Cus.

“I got heavy-hearted. I got a lump in my throat. I thought, You know what? If he can come here and meet us, we could be his brothers, father could have been his father and looked after him for the man he is. Not for what people can get out of him.”


Tyson became emotional as he asked cameras to stop rolling as he attempted to compose himself.

John then explained the story behind Tyson being his son’s namesake and how he projected he would become the next heavyweight champion.

He said: “I looked at these doctors and I said, ‘Hear these words. He’s not only going to live. He’s going to be seven feet tall, 20 stone and the next heavyweight champion of the world, and his name is Tyson.'”


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