Mike Tyson’s Friends Walk a Dangerous Line with a Shocking Surprise ‘Weed’ Cake


Nobody would like to be on the wrong side of Mike Tyson. Certainly not back when he was a fighter, but it is still the case even as he gets a bit older.

His friends were willing to take that risk though as they gave him a surprise cake recently. He celebrated his 57th birthday recently and to mark the occasion, his friends presented him with a weed-themed cake.

That wasn’t the prank, though, as the candles on the cake were actually the type that do not blow out no matter how much you try. Considering how macho Tyson is, that could have easily rubbed him up the wrong way.


Tyson takes the joke

He was smiling as he tried to get the candles to blow out but he eventually could tell what was going on and threw in the towel.


One fan said: “Everyone said: ‘let’s test fate’.” A second added: “Must have a death wish.”


Another fan joked: “Nobody dares to smash his face in the cake.” A fifth chuckled: “Rumour has it, he’s still blowing those damn candles out.”

The weed theme of the cake was not unrelated to Tyson’s career as he has spoken in the past about his fondness for the drug and how he wishes he had smoked more during his fighting career.


“I should have been smoking while I was fighting,” Tyson told Revolt.

“I would have been such a better fighter. There was one time where I did fight with cannabis and I broke the guy’s back, I busted his spleen, broke his eye socket. I just did a number. And I was high.”


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