The Forbidden Bed: Mike Tyson’s Unforgettable Confrontation with Brad Pitt and the Battle of Power


Mike Tyson is a man who has not only shown off his skills with his fists but also as an actor. He has made cameos in many cult classic movies. Brad Pitt, too, has been one actor who is renowned for his acting skills and charms, and soon became a household name. His career as an actor is iconic in its own way and it would not be a surprise to see him as one of the biggest actors in the industry.

Ironically enough, Tyson and Pitt were almost ready to go against each other because of an incident that scarred the boxer. The situation was so confusing to him that even he couldn’t understand what to do at that very moment. No matter what, it was embedded in his memory forever.


Mike Tyson Found Brad Pitt In His Bed

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens were happily in love, however, they only stayed married for a year. They tied the knot only a year after they started dating. While they filed for divorce, they both met up oftentimes during what they termed as ‘quickies.’ One incident in particular, which occurred while both of them were still married, involved none other than Brad Pitt.

“It’s Brad ‘the shi*t’ Pitt. Listen, you should have saw [seen] his face when he saw me. He looked like he must have been a little high. ‘Cause I know about high. He smoked w*ed.”


The boxer was absolutely stunned when he spotted Brad Pitt in his bed with his then-wife, Robin Givens. He saw the way Pitt’s face turned pale once Tyson found them. He was fearing for his life and he was not trying to hide it. He also pointed out how the actor was most definitely high. He caught Givens committing infidelity and it was not okay with him. Interestingly enough, Pitt wasn’t the only one who was scared.


Mike Tyson Was Scared Of Brad Pitt

Mike Tyson was just as scared of Brad Pitt as the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actor was scared of the boxing legend. He wondered if Pitt would use some of the moves he does in his action movies and try to beat Tyson up.

“He wasn’t the Brad now with the reputation he’s now upholding. But you know, now, he’s like a beach b*m, a little nerdy. And man, he was scared the sh*t. I was scared too ’cause this is pre-Matrix. That Brazilian Karate shi*t – trying to run but coming back.”

He was already high and over that, he wondered if he could do martial arts and attack him unpredictably. Pitt’s fear scared him even more.


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