Celebrating Brock Lesnar’s Birthday: An Unforgettable Tribute from Vince McMahon’s Past Rival


Brock Lesnar is now one more year closer to hitting 50. The WWE superstar is now 46 years old and all his well-wishers are busy making sure that their birthday wishes reach him soundly. One person out of those is a former NFL star and current sports analyst. This former footballer has also worked as a pro wrestler in the past. As some might have guessed, we’re talking about Pat McAfee.

Brock Lesnar receives a birthday wish from ex-WWE star

Although McAfee has seemingly taken retirement from in-ring pro wrestling, he doesn’t shy away from showing up for a few WWE PLEs. The last time fans saw him was at WrestleMania 39. But that’s not the only place where we can catch a glimpse of him. He often appears on the internet with his own show called ‘The Pat McAfee Show’. The sports analyst, who faced Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 38, used a clip from the time Brock Lesnar was on his show to wish him for his day.


In the clip, we can see The Beast Incarnate being himself and McAfee’s energy expresses that he is loving having him on the show. While sharing the clip, he wrote in the captions, “Brock Lesnar is a true 1 of 1. There will never be another.. an absolute legend and DAWG. Happy Birthday to the Alpha Male of our Species.”


Seeing his confession on The Beast Incarnate, more fans slid into the comment section to agree with McAfee’s view of Brock Lesnar.

However, not the whole day was fun and games. When WWE decided to wish Lesnar on his day, they were met with angry fans trying to protect their Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.


How did Brock Lesnar’s birthday wish cause a dispute?

Today WWE went all in wishing Lesnar on his special day by posting a photogenic picture of him along with a well-tailored caption. In the caption, they wrote his most special achievements inside the WWE. However, not all fans appreciated that.

The reason is that when WWE mentioned that Lesnar was the ‘1’ in The Undertaker‘s ’21-1’, some fans immediately remembered the time Roman Reigns defeated Taker at WrestleMania.

So, The Tribal Chief’s followers felt hurt that the promotion didn’t credit the Undisputed Universal Champion for his achievement, overshadowing him on Lesnar’s special day. Fans immediately lined up in the comments, voicing out their anger.


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