Mike Tyson Shocks Fans by Naming Isaac Cruz as the Fighter Most Similar to Himself, Not Gervonta Davis


In recent years, Iron Mike has often been compared to Cruz’s lightweight rival Gervonta Davis, but he’s now insisted he actually fought more like the man Davis beat in 2021.

Tyson told Ring Magazine: “If I had to say someone is closest to me, I would say Isaac Cruz.

“He’s short and stubby for his weight class, like I was, and he comes at you.

“People might think I would say Gervonta Davis, but Tank reminds me a whole lot of Aaron Pryor. I mean that as a big compliment.

“You would think Tank is a brawler, but he really is a boxer-puncher.



“He moves well. He moves his head well. He can beat you all kinds of ways.


“He can knock you out. Or he can box you.

“Cruz reminds me the most of who I was. He comes at you with bad intentions.”

While Davis does indeed have an impressive 29-0 (27 KOs) record, Cruz also has a slate of 24-2-1 (17 KOs).

Earlier this year, Tyson was asked about comparisons to Davis and again said he disagreed.

“I don’t know,” he said, “Maybe just getting in trouble with the law. Other than that, no.”

Davis agreed with Tyson on social media as he replied: “I agree. I have more skills.”


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