How Mike Tyson’s Polite Threat Turned Rock, Paper, Scissors into a $50 Million Showdown

Mike Tyson had a rock, paper scizzors match with auction owner Ken Goldin for a memorabilia belonging to the late great Muhammad Ali.

Boxing legend and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson made an appearance on the King of Collectibles show. The host Ken Goldin is an auction owner worth 50 million dollars. Tyson had brought up some of his items from his legendary career to put for an auction. The former heavyweight champ then set his eyes on something on Goldin’s shelf.

Tyson saw Goldin had a signed pair of Muhammad Ali gloves with the writing in gold. It is no secret that Tyson loves Ali and wants to have the memorabilia. He then told Goldin that he had a collection of Ali memorabilia, and the glove would be the “Crown Jewel” of the collection. Goldin then challenged Tyson to a game of rock, paper, and scissors for the gloves.


Iron Mike said he would fight Goldin for the gloves and needed them. Tyson proclaimed himself as a master in rock, paper, and scissors and proved it when he won against the auction owner. Goldin had to give up the legendary memorabilia to the former boxing champion.

Tyson is one of the most dangerous boxers in the history of boxing. He won his first 19 professional fights via knockout and was the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title and was also the first heavyweight boxer to unify the WBC, WBA, and IBF titles. He has an impressive record of 50 wins, six losses, and two no-contests.

Mike Tyson speaks on his fear of violence

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is known for his violent knockouts and dominance over his opponents. After his retirement, Tyson said in an interview that he felt scared of his violence. He had a very successful career because of his mentality and personality.


Tyson talked with his therapist on his Hotboxin With Mike Tyson, where he mentioned how he was scared of himself. Tyson said, “I am so scared that I am so violent. I can’t control my violence. Does that make any sense to you? Me, I’m Mike Tyson. I’m so fu***** scared of everything. The only thing I know is to attack. They don’t believe that I hate myself.“

Tyson has one of the most legendary careers in boxing and recently fought Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout which resulted in a draw. He now invites famous people from all over the world on his podcast.


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