Joe Rogan And Ice Cube Hilariously Compare Mike Tyson’S Towel And No Socks Outfit Compared To Floyd Mayweather’S Luxurious Fits

UFC commentator Joe Rogan and famous rapper Ice Cube share their thoughts on Mike Tyson’s aura

In a recent episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” between Rogan and rapper Ice Cube, “Iron” Mike was a major topic of discussion. Cube explains the several psychological advantages that Mike Tyson had over his opponents. Ice Cube and Joe Rogan discuss Tyson’s attitude toward boxing fights. It put him ahead of the rest, clearly showing his only interest in knocking his opponent down on the event day.

The episode also compared Floyd Mayweather Jr. along the same lines. Mayweather is known for flaunting his money, especially with his grand ring walks. A young Floyd even entered dressed as a gladiator once. According to Ice Cube, his plush robes lined with satin were all signs that Floyd Mayweather had his focus dispersed in the arena.


Cube stated, “Mike Tyson just comes wearing a white towel with a hole to put his head in.” Whether Mayweather’s choice of looks resulted in a disadvantage is debatable, but Tyson’s ignorance towards his attire indicates his desperation to dominate in the boxing ring

Deontay Wilder claims to be past the Mike Tyson era of being the most feared fighter

Former WBC world heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder had many fighters concerned due to the explosiveness of his punches. Wilder’s strength has become one of the sport’s features in any fan discussion. But Deontay Wilder’s latest comments might have pushed his luck a bit too far, as many boxing fans believe.


The “Bronze Bomber” recently stated his opinion on Mike Tyson and his reputation as the most feared boxer ever. Wilder said, “I am officially past the Mike Tyson era of fear. I am the most feared man in the history of boxing. This has never been seen before.” Many fans did not appreciate such bold statements considering Tyson’s legacy.

Although both boxers have fallen off in their careers after significant losses to opponents, their power is undeniable. Mike Tyson is probably one of the first fighters to have introduced an intimidating factor of that magnitude into the sport and is therefore recognized more than Deontay Wilder.


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