The Ultimate Debate: Joe Rogan’s Provocative Insight on Prime Mike Tyson’s Claim to Boxing Greatness

Mike Tyson vs. Larry Holmes remains one of the best beatdowns in boxing. After Holmes brutalized Tyson’s idol, Muhammad Ali, an agenda for revenge lurked in the mind of a young Tyson

A 21-year-old Tyson took it upon himself to defeat Holmes in a fight. As the bout came to fruition, ‘Iron’ viciously destroyed ‘Easton Assassin.’ Recently, Joe Rogan and Grammy award-winning rapper Killer Mike touched on the fight and Tyson’s intelligence.

Killer Mike said, “Mike was one of the wisest warriors too. I don’t know if it’s because of the lisp. People try to qualify Mike as not as intelligent. His simplicity and wisdom that he implies to especially young men, I think is valuable beyond measure.” According to Killer Mike and Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson’s intelligence in the ring felt underappreciated. Both personalities gushed on the wisdom the 56-year-old retired boxer carries.



“Everyone was so sad when Muhammad Ali was beat up by Larry Holmes. When Tyson knocked out Larry Holmes I was like ‘What am I seeing?’ He [Mike Tyson] was so scary back then,” said Joe Rogan. Both of the personalities touched on his bout against Larry Holmes. He didn’t look like Larry Holmes in his prime. He wasn’t in his prime. Mike was in his f****** prime,” said the UFC commentator.

Joe Rogan and Killer Mike could not get enough prime Mike Tyson stories. Disregarding his punching power, Mike Tyson had an impressive ring IQ. Regardless of the lisp speculations by Killer Mike, ‘Iron’ is still regarded as one of the best heavyweight fighters of all time.

Joe Rogan on prime Mike Tyson being the best heavyweight boxer

Mike Tyson, in his prime, was an unstoppable force. His devastating performances against Frank Bruno and Larry Holmes are applauded to this day by boxing purists. One of them is UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Despite the career-defining performances of Tyson Fury and Muhammad Ali, Rogan believes Mike Tyson to be the best heavyweight fighter ever.



“Mike Tyson, in his prime, whatever those years were, where he was just storming the gates, I’d put that Mike Tyson against anybody,” said Joe Rogan. He continued, “That guy was a special fighter. He was just a juggernaut. You couldn’t stop him. He was a different guy! It’s like a different model of fighter that we had never seen in the heavyweight division before. Every fight was an execution. Everything is perfect,” said Joe Rogan.

This passionate rant from Joe Rogan garnered millions of views. The UFC commentator applauded Mike Tyson’s ferociousness in the ring. The popular podcast host was willing to bet on Tyson with any heavyweight boxer in the world.


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