UFC Icon’s About-Face: UFC Legend Renounces Mike Tyson’s GOAT Status, Crowns Tyson Fury as the New Heavyweight Champion


The forthcoming scintillating clash between the two combat sports heavyweights, Tyson Fury, and Francis Ngannou, has been a focal point of attraction. Given that both competitors are renowned for their ferocious knockout skills, the battle is expected to be explosive. For the same reason, the battle of the giants is already building hype in the days following the announcement.

Amidst their beef, numerous combat sports legends have provided a wealth of commentary on their dispute. Regarding ‘The Gypsy King’, another shocking yet audacious declaration was made by UFC legend Chael Sonnen in a video.


Chael Sonnen backtracks on earlier ‘Tyson’ claim considering Tyson Fury’s ascent

Sonnen made a brazen statement regarding two of the all-time greats- Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson- in a video on his personal YouTube channel. He hailed Fury as the greatest fighter ever. The 46-year-old said this in reference to Tyson Fury’s forthcoming fight against Francis Ngannou.

Expressing his notions, he stated, “As the best boxer, I think ever, now that was a distinction I gave to Mike Tyson, I now give it to Tyson Fury. He is gonna take that size, take those skills and all experience all that stuff and he could go beat up a guy who has never done it (Francis Ngannou), who is coming off a knee injury, who’s at least 37 years old and has absolutely no experience.”


Taking into account Ngannou’s recent recovery from a knee ailment as well as his lack of boxing experience, Sonnen made a strong case. There has been more than just a craze sparked by this clash between both of them and it will be intriguing to see who takes the top spot. Overall, the ideas can be undoubtedly surprising for the combat sports community. It will be fascinating to see what the fans think about this as well.


Was Sonnen’s remark shocking regarding the great Iron Mike?

Sonnen has been always known for putting his bold notions in front of the audience. But such a stark remark could be surprising.

The WBC title fight victory against Deontay Wilder was Fury’s greatest triumph, while Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the most fearsome heavyweight punchers and has won a number of significant fights. It’s important to note that both fighters have left a significant impact on the sport.

Although Sonnen made such a stark comparison between the two, it shouldn’t have been that simple. How do you feel about Sonnen’s statement? Was the comparison justified? Let us know in the comments.


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