Mike Tyson’s Candid Admission of Appreciation for Michael Jordan Despite Their Turbulent History: We was born in the same hospital!


Mike Tyson was once the most feared man on planet Earth. His ferocity and incredible skill inside the ring made him a force to be reckoned with. And, this was even the case outside of boxing.

The man was a troubled individual. But, over the years, he has mellowed down, letting go of his anger and hatred, as seen with his most recent confession about MJ’s greatness.

Mike Tyson admits he likes Michael Jordan because they were born in the same hospital

Last year, Mike Tyson made a video call appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s show Club Shay Shay. In one segment of the show, Sharpe asked Tyson about some of his favorite players in the world of sports. And, when it came to basketball, he chose Michael Jordan.


This came as a bit of a surprise, especially given their turbulent history. Shannon even believed Tyson’s decision was simply down to the fact that he and Jordan shared the same first name. However, Iron Mike’s reasoning was far more interesting.

He revealed to the former NFL Tight End, that he respected His Airness as the GOAT of basketball because they were actually born in the same hospital. Both legendary athletes were delivered at Cumberland Hospital in the Forte Green section of Brooklyn, New York, just three years apart. With Jordan having been born in 1963 and Tyson in 1966.


“Michael Jordan. We was born in the same hospital!”

It’s good to see Tyson acknowledge the greatness of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The two have certainly come a long way since beefing with each other over Robin Givens.


MJ once ran out of a party after Mike Tyson threatened to beat him up

Apart from being two of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson share one thing in common. They both at one point in time had a relationship with Robin Givens. Years before Tyson married Givens, MJ had dated her for no more than a week, with their relationship ending because he felt she was a “gold digger”.

However, despite the passage of time, this didn’t sit well with Iron Mike. So, in 1988 at a party hosted by NFL legend Richard Dent, Tyson confronted His Airness, threatening to knock him out.

“Hey man, you think I’m stupid? I Know You F**ked With My B**ch.”

Fortunately, Jordan had the sense of mind to not indulge in the situation. A whole lot of time has passed since then, Tyson is no longer with Givens, and both he and MJ are doing well for themselves in life.


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