The Bite Heard Around the World: Mike Tyson’s Astonishing Reaction to Hasbulla’s Provocative Punches


Mike Tyson was filming an episode of his podcast Hot Boxin’ with Hasbulla, who has travelled to America to make content with popular YouTube stars Nelk. And he became the latest big-name fighter to fall victim to the Russian social media sensation’s gimmick of punching celebrities with whom he poses for pictures.

However, Tyson grabbed the 3’4″ influencer and picked him up, taking off his hat before threatening to bite his ear, a reference to his infamous fight with Evander Holyfield. The video went viral on social media garnering millions of views around the world from fans of the Russian sensation.

In the video, he can be seen moving out of the way of Hasbulla’s punches, admitting that one hook was “a good one” and then joking that another punch had hurt him. He then lifts up the Russian and plays with him before jokingly biting his ear and letting him down.


The legendary boxer was disqualified from his 1997 rematch with Holyfield when he bit a chunk out of his rival’s ear in one of the most outrageous moments in boxing history. And after later patching up his relationship with his bitter rival, Tyson has joked about the incident on many occasions and suggested to Holyfied that they market a product around the moment.

He has since released weed edibles called “Mike bites” that show an ear with a bite taken out of it, referencing the infamous moment from the heavyweight title fight. Tyson is a major advocate for cannabis use and has credited the drug with his return to prominence after a troubled past.

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Some fans were concerned that it was inappropriate for Hasbulla, whose dwarfism means that he looks considerably smaller and younger than most men of his age, to be treated like a child. At 20-years-old, the Russian is an adult, but many act as though he is a child due to his size.


“Twenty years [old] and Mike’s hugging him like a baby,” one fan wrote in a Twitter comment. Another added: “Bro, Hasbulla is like 20 why is he holding him like a baby?” One also wrote: “That dude is like 20 and Mike treating him and playing with him like a toddler hahahaha. So weird to think about.”

The social media star shot to prominence in 2021 when a video of a press conference for a touted fight between he and fellow influencer Abdu Rozik went viral. He has since become one of the most sought-after personalities in the world, and recently travelled to America for the first time.


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