John Fury Defends Tyson Fury Against Criticism For The Francis Ngannou Fight


Crossover fights, where athletes from different combat sports disciplines face off, have recently gained popularity and sparked much debate among fans and experts alike. However, these matchups are not a new phenomenon in the world of combat sports. Throughout history, there have been instances where legendary fighters took on unconventional opponents in highly-publicized contests. Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves discussing another groundbreaking crossover bout, this time featuring WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC world champion Francis Ngannou.

In a surprising announcement, it was revealed that Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou are set to square off on October 28th in Saudi Arabia. The decision to face Ngannou, a powerhouse in the mixed martial arts world, has drawn mixed reactions from fans and critics. However, Fury’s father, John Fury, is fully supportive of his son’s decision to take part in the crossover fight. In addition, he feels that legends from the sport have always competed in this bout drawing a comparison with the late Muhammad Ali.


John Fury stands firmly behind Tyson’s decision to face Francis Ngannou

In an interview with Express Sport John defended his son’s move to face ‘The Predator’ in a boxing match. According to him, this bout offers a bigger financial opportunity compared to a potential undisputed showdown with Oleksandr Usyk. To emphasize his point, he draws parallels with Muhammad Ali who faced a similar situation in the past.

“The rest of the world can’t compete with Saudi Arabia. Not a chance. So people today are making comments about things they don’t really understand. Muhammad Ali did the same thing when he was lineal champion. What’s he doing wrong? He can’t get a fight, there’s no mandatories. So what does he do? Sits on his arms to please the public? I don’t think he’s going to do that. That’s why it’s called professional boxing. It’s about money and business. That’s it. Good luck to him. There’s no more you can say.” he said


John firmly believes that professional boxing is not just about pleasing the public; rather, it’s a business-driven sport where financial opportunities and marketability play a crucial role. He asserts that Tyson’s decision to take on Ngannou aligns with the essence of professional boxing – maximizing revenue while providing entertaining matchups for the fans. Moreover, boxers throughout history have competed in events like these starting with Ali’s crossover bout with Antonio Inoki.


Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki: a closer look

In 1976, Muhammad Ali engaged in a highly-publicized bout against professional wrestler Antonio Inoki in Tokyo, Japan. The fight pitted Ali, the lineal heavyweight champion, against a skilled wrestler from a different discipline. Although the fight ended in a draw and received mixed reviews, it remains a landmark event in the history of combat sports crossovers.

Many regard this as the first crossover fight in the history of the sport and a catalyst for the landscape we have today. Moreover, comparing Tyson Fury to Muhammad Ali, John highlights the reality that even the greatest champions, like Ali, have ventured outside their comfort zones to seize opportunities that come their way. Just as Ali faced Inoki, a crossover fight with Ngannou offers Tyson Fury a unique chance to transcend traditional boundaries and make a significant impact on the world of combat sports.


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