Kenny Omega Delivers a Perfect Blow to Shut Up His ‘Unqualified’ Critics – Don’t Tell Mike Tyson How to Box


Lately, AEW star Kenny Omega has been facing a backlash from fans because of his reckless performance in the match against Will Ospreay at AEW and NJPW Forbidden Door 2023.

Kenny Omega fires back at the critics who are telling him ‘not to wrestle’

After staying quiet for weeks, AEW star Kenny Omega came forward and finally broke the silence on the harsh words of critics. He mentioned that he knows exactly what he is doing, and no one is qualified to tell him what to do. Omega also cited Mike Tyson to drive his point home.

Omega mentioned that there is a definite risk in the sport he is working in. ‘The Cleaner’ talked about how when Tyson was throwing power punches while being inches away from another boxer, he delivered them with confidence and resolve. Nobody asks a legendary boxer like Tyson why he didn’t hold back. He was the best and people celebrate him for it to this day.



Firing back at critics, Kenny Omega said, “Don’t tell me not to wrestle the way I know how to wrestle. Is there a risk? Was there a risk when Mike Tyson was fighting within inches of space between another championship-level boxer throwing power punches? Of course. But Tyson was confident in his abilities, and he knew he was the best. So don’t tell Mike Tyson how to box, and don’t tell Tyson Smith how to wrestle. You aren’t even close to being qualified. Just shut the f*ck up.”

Not only this, but the AEW star also pointed out how some haters are just trying to defame his performance at ‘Forbidden Door’.



The AEW star is proud of his performance at Forbidden Door

Kenny Omega’s match against Will Ospreay at AEW and NJPW Forbidden Door was full of high-risk moves. The match also included the Tiger Driver ’91 maneuver. It is a double underhook powerbomb in which a wrestler spikes the opponent on the back of the neck. This move is quite dangerous and wrestlers are mostly advised not to use it.

However, according to Omega, people are just trying to put a “dark mark” on a match he is extremely proud of.



“There are a lot of people criticizing who do not have my best interests at heart. They just want to put a dark mark on that match, which is a performance I’m extremely proud of. And performances like that will be few and far between as I get older and older”, Omega continued.

This is not the first time that the former AEW champion has fired back at critics. His love-and-hate relationship with fans has a long history. No matter what the critics are saying, Omega’s match at AEW Forbidden Door was truly phenomenal. The crowd enjoyed every single bit of it.

With his recent statements, the AEW star has cleared that every single move in the match was perfectly planned and everything he did was only to entertain the fans sitting in the arena at that time.


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