Mike Tyson’s Astounding Request to Face a Youtube Star for a Staggering $1 Billion! Uncover Tyson Vs. Jones Jr.’s Earnings

You can take Mike Tyson away from boxing. However, you can’t take away boxing from Mike Tyson

Tyson was one of the biggest boxing star of his generation. His fame has no end, evidently he is still relevant in the boxing genre. Having made over $400 million during his professional career, it is no secret that he is one of the most successful boxers of all time. However, as Tyson’s career came to end, he blew away his fortune. Thus, after retirement he focused on gathering back his fortune when a big opportunity presented itself and he asked for a billion dollar to fight a YouTuber.

Mike Tyson amassed 50 wins with 44 knockouts in his career. Due to his knockout power, there was never a fight of Tyson which did not sell out. Even at the end of his career, many people came to see him fight.

Even after retirement, Tyson is still requested to mount a comeback inside the boxing ring. Thus, he even did so by fighting Roy Jones Jr. However, that wasn’t the only fight opportunity he had over the past couple of years.


Mike Tyson Demanded $1,000,000,000 to fight Jake Paul

Tyson is always surrounded by rumors of a potential fight. However, one rumor was quite prominent in the recent years. Popular YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul was interested in a boxing fight with the legend. Although Tyson claimed that he wasn’t aware about it and what it would take for him to fight Paul.

Tyson said, “Nobody told me that. Hey, I ain’t got no fu*king money. So where’s the fu*king contract? Listen, I’ve been smoking with [Paul] forever, I did some shrooms with him as well. But I’ve never heard this. I was with him in St. Barts not too long ago partying and he never told me this. I’ve never heard this from nobody, I’ve just heard this from you guys. A billion bucks [Talking about fight fee].“


Despite Tyson being the fighter and champion he was the sum would be quite high. Tyson shocked the world by becoming the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world. However, at the end of the career he was losing against journeymen. Even in his last fight against Roy Jones Jr, he didn’t generate enough revenue to warrant the one billion fee he demands.


How much did Tyson Vs Jones Jr. generate?

Tyson’s comeback fight with Roy Jones Jr. was watched all over the world. Never has there been so much noise to watch 50 year old fighters fight. However, even for a fight between two boxing legends did it generate enough to warrant the billion dollar fee Tyson asks from Paul.

The comeback fight sold over 1.6 million PPVs and they were sold at the price of $49.9. Thus, the revenue of the fight would come down to over $80 million.

It remains to be seen whether Paul would ever take up Tyson on his offer. However, it surely will be watched by millions of people throughout the world as both Paul and Tyson are two of the biggest names in the boxing community.


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