Explosive Showdown Lost $5000: Mike Tyson’s On-Air Threat to Charles Barkley After 13-Year Grudge


The presence of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal has made NBA on TNT one of the most loved basketball analysis shows on television.

A heated altercation in 1999 led the two big men to get into a fight, that was aggravated by Chuck throwing the ball at Shaq. The clash led to O’Neal being fined $10,000 and Sir Charles $5,000. 13 years later, during a segment on Inside the NBA, Mike Tyson ended up commenting on the duo’s famous fight. During the review of the altercation, the renowned boxer threatened to kick Barkley’s “a**”.



Mike Tyson threatened to beat up Charles Barkley

Back in 2012, Mike Tyson was invited to weigh in on the famous Charles Barkley-Shaquille O’Neal fight from 1999. The former heavyweight Champion of the world didn’t hesitate before taking shots at the two analysts. Firstly, Tyson advised Shaq to not fight, if he didn’t know how to, “Don’t fight if that’s not what you do.”

Later, perhaps for having the audacity to instigate the fight against a 7’1 big man as a 6’5 forward, the legendary boxer went on to threaten Barkley in no uncertain terms.

“By the way, Chuck, I will kick your a** and you know I would, I would kick your a**, I would kick your a**. Kick it.”


As soon as the video ended, the Chuckster looked straight into the camera with a ready response for Tyson. With a fierce look on his face, Barkley first demanded Tyson’s attention, and then said, “Listen here Mike Tyson… you right. You’d kick my a**.”


Take a look at this incident in the following YouTube clip posted by Opto I.

The entire crew burst out in laughter immediately after Chuck’s honest admission. Even though Barkley decided to laugh it off, we know for a fact that Chuck has previously stood up to Tyson and called him out for his wrong-doings.


Chuck confronted Tyson during a party

During an appearance on the “New Heights” podcast, Barkley revealed an anecdote from an old party of his. According to complaints from several guests, Mike Tyson was ‘grabbing their wives in that party by their a**.’ Despite being intimidated by Tyson, Barkley did the right thing and confronted the boxer:

“Let me get this straight. The guy who bit a guy’s ear off, y’all want me to go and confront him? So I walk up to Mike and I say, Hey Mike, there’s only a couple women here who are single. Not that you should be grabbing their a** either. And he’s like ‘Okay Charles, you are right. I’ll stop doing that Charles.”


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