5 Years After The $600,000,000 Fight, Stephen A Smith Revealed How Floyd Mayweather Predicted Conor Mcgregor Knockout


Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fought in one of the biggest boxing exhibition fights in the history of the sport. Reportedly, the fight generated around $600,000,000 in revenue. Whilst not many gave a chance for McGregor to come out victorious against Mayweather, yet he did give a good fight. However, after 5 years according to Stephen A Smith, Floyd Mayweather had predicted exactly how he would defeat McGregor in the fight and in which round.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most successful boxers of all times. What sets him apart was his 50-0 professional record. Mayweather never lost a single fight in his career and many boxers have failed to do so. Thus, making him one of the biggest draws in the history of the sport.

Similarly, Conor McGregor at the time was one of he biggest MMA star. McGregor had just broken the record by becoming the first ever UFC double division champion. He did so by conquering two of the most competitive divisions in the UFC. However, the confident McGregor was not going to last long against Mayweather as per his prediction.


Stephen A Smith made a fascinating revelation about Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor

Stephen A Smith during an conversation with Mike Tyson revealed that Mayweather predicted how his fight against McGregor would go. Smith appeared on the famous Hotboxin’ with Tyson podcast and he shocked the world with his statement.

Smith said, “I was at Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s house, right before he fought Conor McGregor and I don’t consider that a boxing match cause Conor McGregor was no damn boxer. UFC champion but he was no boxer. Floyd Mayweather looks at me in my face and he says, ‘I’m gonna take him out about the 8th or the 9th round.’ He says, ‘Stephen A, He’s a UFC fighter, He said and he’s a striker, he’s accustomed at coming at you and throwing punches. What he’s not accustomed to doing is punching while he’s throwing backwards, while he’s moving backwards and pushing you off of them. He said I’m gonna walk in right into him and stay in his chest. he’s gonna have to push me off in order to throw his punches. He said he’s gonna be circling in the ring. He said by round 4 or 5, he’s not gonna have any legs. He’s gonna be done and he said I’ll just toy with him and keep him around until around 8th or 9th round and that is exactly what Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather did.“


Mayweather is famous for finishing his fights with minimal damage. For that he had to study his opponents very keenly. That’s exactly what he did and in doing so registered another win in his illustrious career. Despite Stephen’s comments, he was not totally against McGregor. He once backed McGregor against racism comments.


Stephen A Smith backed McGregor

McGregor faced a lot of criticism after the press conference for his remarks to Mayweather. McGregor asked Mayweather to dance for him and many thought that it was a racial slur. However, A. Smith was not convinced.

Smith said, “This notion that Conor McGregor was racist or whatever, I don’t want to hear that, and I don’t believe that for one second.” Smith said Wednesday at a luncheon held by the Charlotte Touchdown Club. Smith was the guest speaker. “As an African-American, I did not look at Conor McGregor and say, ‘He is talking to me.“

McGregor is famous for his trash talking and mind games. It is safe to say that McGregor did get one over Mayweather during the press conferences. However, it was ‘Money’ who got over the line against ‘The Notorious’ inside the ring.


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