Mayweather vs. Paul: The $50 Million Clash that Redefined Tyson’s Perception of the YouTube Star


Logan Paul shocked the world with his performance against one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather. Despite of majority of fans not giving a chance to Logan Paul, he almost pulled off the impossible.

This caught the eye of Mike Tyson and he was humble enough to accept that he was wrong about a few things. It was quite heartwarming to watch one of the most outspoken boxers speak about the elder Paul’s brother.


Mike Tyson admitted his mistake about Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather

Mike Tyson had predicted that Logan Paul would be beaten by Floyd Mayweather quite easily. Although, to everyone’s surprise, Paul went the distance against the undefeated boxer. Tyson had warned Paul that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Mayweather. According to The Mirror, Tyson made a Facetime call to Paul after the fight in order to praise the WWE star.

Tyson said, “You kicked his as*. You’re bad, I was wrong! I’m proud of you, you kicked as*, I’m proud of you… Everybody’s talking about you, you’re the man. You went eight rounds with the greatest of all times, I was telling people they don’t want to try that sh*t. You got him with those punches.“


Tyson also spoke with Paul’s mother Pam Stepnick on the phone. Furthermore, Tyson also made another prediction. However, this time it was about the younger brother Jake Paul, claiming that he would get his hand raised against Tyron Woodley via knockout.


Mike Tyson also predicted Jake Paul’s Tyron Woodley knockout

Tyson and Jake Paul have often spent time together and even partied together. There were even talks suggesting that Tyson would fight the younger Paul brother. However, they didn’t fight against each other. In spite of not facing each other Tyson revealed to Logan Paul, that Jake Paul would defeat Woodley.

Tyson said, “Tyron’s going to get knocked the f*** out right?“

After the Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather fight, Tyson’s opinion about both the Paul brothers changed. Tyson began giving the brothers more respect and respected their boxing prowess.


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