30 Minutes Later, I Smell Pot – Charles Barkley Recalls Mike Tyson Acting Wild During A New Year Party


Charles Barkley is known to have some of the best stories as he’s experienced a lot in his life as an NBA star. Last month, he shared a story about spending a New Year’s Eve party with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Barkley said that the two of them used to be neighbors and he had the chance to invite Tyson to his annual New Year party one time. Chuck said that the fierce boxer arrived at the party announcing his presence with a bullhorn yelling, “The champ is here!” The NBA legend shared the story on the Kelce brothers’ show, “New Heights.”

“So, I have a New Year’s Eve party every year,” Chuck said. “I rent out a restaurant, invite about 30, 40, 50 people. So, no pictures, no autographs. Just everybody come [and] have fun.


The 1992-93 MVP said that the husbands complained to him about Iron Mike as he was grabbing their wives’ behinds at the party. Fortunately, the famed boxer stopped. But Tyson’s incredible night didn’t stop there. Barkley said:

“About 30 minutes later, I smell pot, ‘Yo man, who in the hell is smoking pot in here?’ They’re like, ‘It’s Mike over here in the corner.'”So I go over there, ‘Mike, I know I rented out the restaurant for the party, but this is actually somebody’s restaurant, you can’t smoke.’ So he says, ‘Okay, you’re right Charles. I don’t want them to lose their license either.’ Abouth 30 minutes later, Mike’s out in front of the restaurant just blazing away. I say, ‘Hey man, leave the dude alone.'”


Only the Chuckster had the guts to call out Tyson for his behavior. Still, the two remain good friends to this day.


Charles Barkley missed out on a Mike Tyson moment while getting drinks for his fellow NBA stars

Back in the 80s and 90s, Tyson was in his prime. In every fight, he would surprise the crowd by beating them in spectacular fashion. One time, Charles Barkley was with Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing to watch Tyson fight. According to the former Phoenix Suns star, he missed out on Tyson knocking down his opponent as he went out and got the other stars some drinks.

“I’m with Magic, Michael, Patrick Ewing, and they’re all like — early in my career,” Chuck said. “I’m a young buck on a totem pole. They make me go get drinks.”I come back, and Tyson already knocked this motherf***er out… These motherf***ers are all laughing at me. I’m walking with two buckets of popcorn and some drinks.”

At least Tyson got to be his neighbor a few years later, so it wasn’t all bad for the Round Mound of Rebound.


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