Mike Tyson Confessed He Is Worried for Brock Lesnar Right After The Undertaker Called The Beast a Freaky Athlete in Early 2023

What did Mike Tyson reveal about his worries regarding Brock Lesnar?

During a podcast episode between The Undertaker, and The Baddest Man on the Planet, Mike Tyson, the duo came together to share their opinion on Brock Lesnar. When Tyson asked The Undertaker for his opinion, he would heap compliments on him, but also claim Lesnar to be not a “People’s person.”

The Undertaker claimed, “That’s another dude man! Freaky athlete, man. Ain’t don’t give two shits either. Brock is not a people person whatsoever.” Tyson replied, “I used to worry about him cause I love him. And I just don’t want nobody shoot his a**. Listen, you got to be careful. He be fucking with people and shit. He kicked some guy’s ass in the airplane.”


The duo then discussed Lesnar’s infamous shoot fight with Curt Hennig inside an airplane, where even The Undertaker was present. Tyson claimed that while people talk about his nature, Lesnar was the one who took a person to the bathroom.

Lesnar’s fight with Henning would become an infamous incident in the world of wrestling back in 2002. The team had finished their tour of England in 2002 and were returning home when all hell broke loose, and the two engaged in a fight.

More details on Brock Lesnar’s infamous shoot fight with ‘Mr.Perfect’ Curt Hennig several feet high in the sky

Back in 2002, WWE had finished their PPV Insurrection in London and was returning home. However, the long flight made the superstars inside the airplane drink their hearts out, and engage in drunk activities, including Hennig, triggering a rookie Lesnar into a fight with him.


Hennig would splatter loads of shaving cream on Lesnar’s face, making the latter chase him. The duo would then wreak havoc near the emergency exit of the plane. However, their fight would be stopped by the now Wiseman Paul Heyman. While things could have been handled differently, a rookie Lesnar would get angry at Hennig’s antics, and made sure to teach him a lesson.

Brock Lesnar escaped scot-free from this incident. However, Hennig would be fired from the company for causing trouble. This incident marked a dent in the company’s history, and would later come to be known as, ‘Plane Ride From Hell’.


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