“Everybody Gave Me What I Wanted” – Mike Tyson Is Willing To Do Anything With His Girlfriend In Prison To Achieve His Goal


Mike Tyson has always had some weird intriguing stories to share about his life. The heavyweight champion who once drove a Ferrari through a store window had one of the most dominating boxing careers in the history of the sport. With his first-round knockouts, he raked in hefty payouts, earning nearly $200,000 in bonuses per match.

However, Tyson’s lavish lifestyle and success also brought forth controversies and some negative outcomes. Tyson spent almost three years in prison back in 1992. But the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title had some wild prison time stories too.


Why Did Mike Tyson Spend 3 Years of His Life in Prison?

Mike Tyson had a very troubled personal life due to his lifestyle. The boxing legend had developed an arrogant demeanor, often lashing out at anyone who disrespected him. His encounters with fans resulted in costly settlements for assault. In 1992, Tyson’s tumultuous personal life caught up with him, when he was charged with the rape and assault of a former beauty pageant contestant, Desiree Washington.

The boxer was ultimately sentenced to 6 years in prison, serving half of the sentence before his release. Tyson maintains his innocence to this day, but the boxer has acknowledged that his time behind bars was not at all terrible. The now 57-year-old has stated on several occasions that he experienced some of the best moments of his life during his prison stint, even forming a romantic relationship while incarcerated.


Mike Tyson’s Trouble With Girlfriends and How He Got One Pregnant In Prison

Mike Tyson’s turbulent relationships with women were not limited to his legal troubles. Besides facing rape charges, Tyson also had a troublesome marriage with actress Robin Givens. The relationship ended in a high-profile divorce that caught public and media attention. Around this time, Tyson also suffered the infamous knockout defeat against underdog Buster Douglas, an event that was described as one of the most shocking upsets in modern sports history.

In his most wild and controversial story yet, Mike Tyson recently revealed that he got a girl pregnant while in prison. Recounting the incident on a podcast with Jim Gray, Tyson said that he spent his prison days living a rather eventful life:

“I had a ball in prison, I had a girlfriend, I got a girl pregnant in prison. I was living a life in prison.”

He revealed that the woman worked at the prison and she ultimately chose not to proceed with the pregnancy. Thankfully today, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” appears to have turned his life around, leaving behind his troubled past.


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