$20 Million Party: Antonio Brown and the 240lbs Giant Enjoy Quality Time with Mike Tyson’s Help

What’s a common trait between Boxing legend Mike Tyson and former NFL star Antonio Brown?

Both are super successful, yet immensely controversial. It seems they do enjoy being in the limelight, but their fans believe that the duo could have achieved far more than what they did in their respective sports.

Brown has been seen hanging with the former world heavyweight champion and also shared a video on his Instagram account. The former Bucs star captioned the post ‘sto· I ·cism Pack Hitting like Mike Tyson’.


Antonio Brown gets a helping ‘hand’ from Mike Tyson

Antonio Brown’s latest post reveals his lighter side amidst all the criticism he faces on a day-to-day basis. What AB offered to his fans was a glimpse of harmony and camaraderie, two features that largely get overshadowed due to his persona. The video shows Mike Tyson using his right hand to land a couple of ‘friendly’ punches on Antonio Brown’s right shoulder. Tyson’s punching act leaves AB in splits, as he was unable to control his laughter, much to the amusement of the supporting crew inside what looks like a vanity van. It’s good to see AB smiling, especially with all the controversies and legal trouble going around in his life.

This also wasn’t the first time Antonio Brown enjoyed Mike Tyson’s company. A couple of weeks ago, both AB and Tyson were seen involved in friendly bonding, which was shared by the former NFL star on an Instagram story. Maybe, at this stage of his life, AB seeks healthy connections with his fellow sports legends.

Other than receiving a couple of friendly blows from Iron Mike, AB can also learn from the boxing legend to not let his attitude ruin his sporting talent. He is widely regarded as one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, but his actions away from the field overshadow his football greatness.



More legal trouble for AB?

Though legal tangles are nothing new for Antonio Brown, he could be in for one more, this time from his Albany Empire teammates and support staff. Back in June, a sports tabloid reported the financial issues between Antonio Brown and the players.

With time, AB’s list of controversies has only grown bigger. This comes as no surprise, though. Recently, a Wisconsin-based company filed a lawsuit against him, seeking $28,000 in unpaid dues. He was also involved in a three-word spat on Twitter with podcaster Adam22, where he made a below-the-belt comment about the latter’s wife. The former NFL wide receiver’s relationship with his good friend Tom Brady has also deteriorated. Back in June this year, Brown revealed that at times he felt overshadowed by the NFL legend.

Remember the game between the New York Jets and Buccaneers in the 2021 season when Brown left the field with a peace sign gesture? He has yet to find an NFL team since then.

While Antonio Brown’s career has been marred with controversies, one just hopes that Mike Tyson might just be the right guy to guide the former Bucs star from here on. The man is supposed to be out there on the football pitch entertaining millions. Rather, he is on the other side of the rope, giving rise to constant debates and yet being unapologetic about it.


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