6 Years After $600 Million Fight, Fans Nod in Support of Mike Tyson’s Past Remarks About Conor McGregor’s Loss to Floyd Mayweather


The fight that secured the second-highest payout in combat sports history, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, was a pioneering event for hybrid fights between boxing and MMA. Before the bout, many said it’d be an easy run-through for Mayweather. But McGregor went on to show that it won’t be that easy for the 5-division champion.

Although Mayweather won the bout, McGregor proved to be a handful for the 50-0 boxer in spite of fighting out of his comfort zone. In one of the episodes of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the legend Mike Tyson gave his thoughts about the iconic bout.

Tyson commented on the fight, pointing out how McGregor lasted 10 rounds against “the greatest fighter in the last 100 years of boxing.” He also said that he even scored punches against the GOAT, which is a seemingly difficult thing to do. He further stated that many boxing fans saw the fight from the perspective of “The black guy beat the white guy.” which tainted their analysis of the fight.


Tyson has always been vocal about his opinions on Mayweather, and a few months ago, he chose Manny Pacquiao over Mayweather. Now, his past remarks are making rounds on the internet again.

“McGregor made an excellent performance”: Fans agree with Mike Tyson’s remarks

Recently, the aforementioned remarks of Mike Tyson have resurfaced online, uploaded by a Facebook account, Le retour de Boxe Anglaise News. Well, the fans again shared their views about the fight and Mike Tyson’s take on it.


One of the fans, Emile Lelaidier, agreed with Tyson and even stated that McGregor displayed an “excellent performance”. They wrote, “Yes mcgregor made an excellent performance for me he is a good boxer“.

Another fan, Michelo II Padrino, praised the mental faculty of ‘Notorious’. They wrote, “Mentally, it’s clear that Conor is very impressive whether the fight is fixed or not, we can’t take that away from him!”


One fan, Laffreux Jojo, wrote that the results would be completely different if it was inside an Octagon. They wrote, “And then we’re not going to lie to each other, if they had done the opposite, I think Mayweather wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes against Conor in the octagon.”

Meanwhile, Jean Jacques Boyer wrote, “He is a boxer or a dancer, you have to stop saying that he has never done boxing… there is no hook, no percussion, no live in Mma…???”

A fan, Frank Soubrillard, explained in detail what Tyson meant to say during his analysis. They wrote, “Everyone didn’t understand his message, he jokes about weather’s performance by saying grosso media that he’s a cardboard champion because a guy who hasn’t done boxing in his life hasn’t been ridiculous in in front of him.”

Most of the fans resonate with Mike Tyson’s thoughts regarding the Mayweather-McGregor fight.


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