John Wick 4 Star Feared He Would Not Be Able to Complete His Movie If Mike Tyson Even Accidentally Punches Him

Donnie Yen Got Anxious About Getting Punched By Mike Tyson

Donnie Yen recounted a nerve-wracking incident during the filming of an Ip Man 3 fight scene with Mike Tyson. Yen shared how Tyson, who had limited filming experience at the time, came dangerously close to landing an actual punch on his face. As a fan of the boxer, Yen couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious during the shoot.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Mike. When I was doing Ip Man 3 with him I didn’t know what to expect. Mike, I love him, but he doesn’t really have a lot of film experience. I didn’t want him to come to the set and start swinging. And my character, I was supposed to be very poised and very calm and always block these strikes at the very last second.”


Yen revealed that he got caught up in the intensity of the film, particularly during a confrontation scene with his idol, Mike Tyson, who played a property developer. Donnie Yen accidentally injured Tyson’s finger during the fight, and both men remained unaware until the following day.

What Is Donnie Yen’s Future In John Wick Franchise?

With the John Wick franchise expanding through spinoffs on both the big and small screens, there’s a possibility of seeing Donnie Yen starring in his own captivating story. Yen made his franchise debut in John Wick: Chapter 4 as Caine, a blind assassin and an old acquaintance of John Wick (Keanu Reeves).

The character’s mysterious allure and Yen’s impressive performance have garnered praise and fan appreciation, hinting at the potential for an intriguing spinoff exploring Caine’s background and adventures.


Donnie Yen has expressed keen interest in further exploring Caine’s character within the John Wick universe. In a recent interview with Variety, he revealed his aspiration to pursue a Hollywood spinoff centered around Caine, emphasizing his enthusiasm by stating, “I’d love to do a John Wick spinoff centered around Caine.”

Amid his eagerness for the Caine spinoff, Yen hinted at potential discussions about the project. However, he clarified that talks do not guarantee the spinoff’s realization. While there might have been some initial conversations, the project’s fate remains uncertain.


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