Tyson Was Only a Shadow of Himself – 19 Years After Devastating Loss, Fans Jump In to Defend “Lowest Point” of Mike Tyson’s Career


Recently a post addressing the historic fight between Mike Tyson and Danny Williams appeared on Facebook, reminding fans of the event.

Many fans were quick to jump in to defend their favorite boxer as they pointed out various reasons behind the tragic loss.


Years-old controversial Mike Tyson bout rekindles fan frenzy

Going into the bout Tyson was the clear favorite. As the fight started Tyson went in strong, but the Briton survived the round and took control in the latter rounds. He used a flurry of punches to send the American legend to the canvas. The fight ended as the heavyweight behemoth was left unable to make the count. William stunned the world with his determined performance. As the fight progressed, it became evident that Tyson was struggling with his conditioning and was not as sharp as his prime.

The throwback post on Twitter by London Boxing History is what has the fans talking. One fan, Scott Hood, pointed out how Tyson at that time was nowhere near his best. He wrote, “He beat an ageing and way past his prime Tyson.”


Another fan, Terry Madcdonald also said something in the same vein. He pointed out, “Tyson was only a shadow of himself in this fight he wouldht have lasted a round in Tyson’s prime.”



Meanwhile, William Gari claimed that even though Williams won the bout, Tyson remained the greatest. He added, “Yes Danny won. But greatest Heavy Weight boxer is still Iron Mike Tyson. I have not seen aggressive fighter like Tyson as yet. Let your Danny to square up Tyson’s records. Danny did if at Tyson’s lowest point in time.”

Frank Lawson wrote, “I like Mike Tyson now. I didn’t when he was young because he was a punk. This dude beat him fair and square and that’s it. The apologists need to be silent.”

However, Thomas Nigrelli complimented Williams’ performance that night. He wrote, “Danny Williams was unstoppable on that night. The best performance of his career.” Overall, fans seemed to be of the opinion that the reason why Tyson lost the bout was because of his age and not because of William being exceptional.


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