Built Like a Beast: How Mike Tyson’s Neck Workout Set Him Apart from the Rest


Mike Tyson is one of the all-time greats of boxing. Few can come close to Iron Mike when you compare their careers. He was one of a kind in the ring but also out of it.

There’s no hiding from the fact he has had a mind boggling career away from the ring, from keeping pet tigers that ended up attacking trespassers or releasing edibles that refer back to his infamous ear bite on Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Despite all his controversies away from the ring and in the ring, he still will go down as one of the best, fighters of all time, entertaining us all in a plethora of ways, something he continues to do, but he certainly kept his boxing career at the forefront of his life, especially as a young boxer.


Mike Tyson at 18

Footage has gone viral of Iron Mike training at the age of 18, watching it is scary viewing. The former heavyweight champion is putting his neck through absolute torture at such an early age, showing just how gruelling it is if you want to get to the very top in professional boxing.


He rolls around on the floor, using his neck to keep himself up, rotating the weight around on his head to strengthen his neck, something that clearly worked an absolute treat for the fighter, who at the age of 18 already had a neck that was 20 inches in circumference.


It certainly doesn’t look like something you’d want to try at home on your own, the training routine looks quite dangerous, but it certainly worked along with his other training, as Iron Mike went on to be one of the greatest fighters to ever do it.


You can see just how intense the workout is on his neck. If he put that much effort into every aspect of his body, it’s no wonder he became such a phenomenon in the boxing community, with Iron Mike still looked back on with great fondness as we remember his incredible career.

There are very few boxers that come close to Iron Mike, and that is proven with all of the the greatest heavyweights of today compared to him. The common question always seems to be, who would win between Mike Tyson in his prime and Tyson Fury in his prime for example.


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