Mike Tyson Throwback Video Leaves Fans In Awe At 19-Year-Old’S ‘Ridiculous’ Power


Boxing fans were given a reminder of Mike Tyson’s power and skill as a youngster after some footage of the fighter from his youth emerged on social media.

Tyson made his professional debut as an 18-year-old, and two years later was the world heavyweight champion.

He remains the youngest boxer ever to win a world title in that weight class, and the video which surfaced on social media shows the sort of work which helped him to reach that level at such a young age.

The 60-second clip apparently shows Tyson practising on the pads with a trainer at the age of 19.


The power and intensity the teenager was able to produce even appeared to have the trainer nervous, as on a couple of occasions he appears to shy away from the punches.

Of course, fans were wowed by the skill and power Iron Mike was able to produce at such a young age.

@PolitiksCommon declared: “Mike Tyson in his prime was the greatest defensive fighter of all time.”

“I cannot imagine how painful it would be to get hit by Mike,” said @pmurtha88.


And @kevospacebound2 added: “He is literally the definition of speed and power, the best combination in a fight.”


Many fans were also quick to point out how even Tyson’s own coach appeared unable to cope with the fighter’s power at times during the exercise.

Alongside a clip of one of the moments the coach recoils, @bigbrownhottie wrote: “This part took me… buddy thought he was in danger for a split second.”

“Imagine even getting your hand hit by Mike. Lol at the trainer backing up,” @money_luvs added.


And @satanshappyhour observed: “My entire body hurts from watching the coach take those pad hits. Just absolutely ridiculous.”

Tyson’s professional career lasted for more than 15 years, until a defeat to journeyman fighter Kevin McBride in 2005 led to his retirement.

The American has appeared in exhibitions since, though – the first just coming a year later in an unscored bout against Corey Sanders.

His most recent appearance was in November 2020, when he and fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr fought a draw in what turned out to be a big pay-per-view hit.



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