Boasting Rights to $135,000,000 Worth Muhammad Ali Royalties, Shaquille O’Neal Triggers Nostalgia Through 42YO Iconic Duel


Whether it’s basketball or music, Shaquille O’Neal excels in every facet. Weeks after partying his way through UFC 290, the NBA legend found time to pay homage to a boxing icon, albeit in an entertaining way. While he owns the name and likeness of Muhammad Ali, it hasn’t stopped the 7-footer from remembering the legend.

This time around, it was courtesy of his IG story that the Los Angeles Lakers legend took a nostalgic trip.


Shaquille O’Neal shares iconic video from 1981

In a viral video, Ali is seen sparring with The Hitman. Thomas Hearns for his career was a momentous 61-5. From 1977 to 2006, there were nary any individuals that could beat the legendary boxer. And, back in 1981, the youngster was in spry form.

In the video, Tommy was the clearly dominant one. Ali’s stings weren’t as bee-like as you would expect. In the middle of it, The Hitman struck. While The Greatest visibly struggled to land a single punch, the in-prime Hearns shot some spectacular jabs at the perfect length, disrupting Ali’s motion.

After he retired later in the year, his official diagnosis came out. The boxing legend was suffering from late-stage idiopathic Parkinson’s.


The tremor in his hands and struggling posture were clear indications of the same. Fans pointed it out when the clip was first shared on Twitter. Shaq, a big Ali fan, shared the clip on his IG story for everyone to take in.


Shaquille O’Neal’s Muhammad Ali fandom

A shrewd business mind, O’Neal’s investments haven’t just been limited to the market. While his affordable line of shoes grows ever-popular, the Miami Heat legend hasn’t limited himself in the market. Even as he becomes more popular as a DJ, he’s always looking for new areas to invest in.

That’s where the allure of names and likenesses came in. From Marilyn Monroe to Muhammad Ali, Shaq owns the rights to some of the most popular likenesses in history. The 4x NBA champion spent around $135 million to buy the rights to royalties of these stars. While he may face some threats in the future, his reign at the top is secure for the time being.


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