‘Choosing’ Shaquille O’Neal and Muhammad Ali Over Michael Jordan, 6ft 8 Frenemy Drops “GOAT” Declaration in Resurfaced Photo


The basketball world is buzzing as a former teammate of Michael Jordan, recently stirred the pot with a seemingly innocuous picture and a cryptic caption. The image, shared on his Twitter, captures a moment frozen in time.

The NBA legend showed the picture featuring sports legends Muhammad Ali and Shaquille O’Neal, alongside other basketball luminaries. However, it’s what’s missing from the frame that’s raising eyebrows and sparking whispers of a not-so-smooth relationship.


The not-so-innocent omission and the GOAT declaration

In this digital age, every post is scrutinized, and Pippen’s latest upload was no exception. The absence of one particular figure, Michael Jordan, could hardly go unnoticed.

When Scottie shared a picture with the great Muhammad Ali, he might not have thought about the buzz it will create. The picture also had an ensemble cast. It features the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Gary Payton, and Reggie Miller.

Many basketball aficionados and fans quickly realized that Jordan was not in the picture. To add fuel to the fire, Pippen’s succinct caption read, “The 🐐‼️“. A casual glance could easily interpret this as a subtle declaration of who Pippen deems the true Greatest of All Time. To cut Scottie some slack, MJ was not in the picture when it was taken.


However, the choice of image does ring a bell, right? Considering the bumpy road their on-and-off-court relationship has taken, it leaves us wondering.


When Pippen opened up about Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen may have just written the latest episode in the storied relationship between him and Michael Jordan. However, three months ago, Pippen bared his thoughts in a candid interview, providing an intimate view of the Bulls’ golden era.

But it’s not like Scottie just spews bad about MJ. He acknowledges the inhuman talent of Michael Jordan. At the same time, the 6ft8 NBA legend emphasizes that the Chicago Bulls‘ glory days were a team effort. He candidly revealed the challenging dynamics within the team, with players sometimes feeling the weight of Jordan’s critique.


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