Fans Left in Awe of Mike Tyson’s Wisdom – Going In to the Flow State of Consciousness


Mike Tyson created history as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at the age of 20. Further, his achievements in the sport have earned him a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Although Tyson’s professional career will be regarded as a huge success story in the annals of boxing, he lived a life marred with controversies outside of it. However, that has never stopped folks from admiring his skills inside the boxing ring. What could be the motivation behind such stellar performances?

“When you really focus, you hear everything,” Mike Tyson indulges in some philosophy

The heavyweight champion took to his Instagram to post a video of him speaking about how he was always observant of his surroundings when he would enter the ring for a fight.


Unlike most fighters who claim to cut out of the noise to concentrate on their bout, Iron Mike has a different approach wherein he would soak in all the chatter from the crowd. He said, ” I hear voice, I hear everything. I see everyone. But I hear more than I see them. No one’s focused when they don’t hear anything. When you really focus, you hear everything.”

The inspir ational words spoken by him have not just impressed his fans but have sent them down a philosophical spiral.


Zach Chilli seemed impressed by Tyson’s viewpoint. The user commented, ” “living outside of reality, but you’re in the midst of it” damn”

The Culture Mafia went on to call Mike a philosopher. The user said, “Iron Mike baddest man on the planet but also philosopher”

Jacob Uwah was in awe of the way Mike is connected with his environment. They said, “The level of connectedness that you experience to your environment when you are tuned in, is beautiful.”

There comes a point in the monologue where Mike compares this state of connectedness to being on mushrooms. Judy Palacios commented, “ Pause and stares continuously for 60 seconds and says “It’s almost like being a mushroom”

Quinton Tate was also impressed by the way Tyson encapsulated his in-ring experience. The user said, ” Going in to the flow state of consciousness”

It cannot be disputed that Mike Tyson remains one of those boxers that newcomers always derive their inspiration from. So much so that they look at his journey rather like a blueprint to excel in the sport. Such is the story of Mike Tyson, a beacon of courage, awareness, and resilience.


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