Video Of Boxer Who “Didn’T Have Fear” In His Eyes While Facing Mike Tyson: Punched Him So Hard That 25% Of His Memory Is Gone


In the sport of boxing, few names evoke the sheer ferocity and dominance quite like Mike Tyson. As a living embodiment of power and precision, ‘Iron Mike’s’ prime was a spectacle to behold. Despite his relatively diminutive stature for a Heavyweight, Tyson’s ability to weave speed and power together made him an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of defeated challengers in his wake.

One of Tyson’s prominent rivals during this era was the Englishman Frank Bruno, affectionately known as the “True Brit.” Like the former champion Bruno, too, was a heavyweight force to be reckoned with, and his clash with Tyson was a tale of aspiration and challenge, a classic narrative of the underdog facing off against the untamed beast.


‘Born as a monster’ Mike Tyson vs Frank Bruno reignites fan nostalgia

In their two momentous encounters, Tyson and Bruno engaged in battles that captivated audiences worldwide. Despite Bruno’s commendable efforts, Tyson’s ferocious onslaught proved insurmountable, leading to two TKO victories for ‘Iron Mike’. The Englishman’s resilience and determination were undeniable. However, he fell short in the face of Tyson’s unrelenting assault.

Nearly three decades after their second bout, a video resurfaced, reigniting the flames of nostalgia among boxing enthusiasts. In this captivating footage, Tyson stands across the ring from Bruno, their eyes locked in a fierce battle of wills. Nostalgic fans and newcomers alike were drawn to the raw intensity of the video and were not shy to share their take on this iconic rivalry.



A user named Ziar Rakah claimed that Tyson punched him so hard that a quarter of his memory was erased. “Bro punched him so hard that 25% of his memory is gone.” he said


Another user added that ‘Iron Mike’ was born with a ferocious attitude. “Mike born as a monster” he wrote.

A user was more captivated by the referee than the two fighters. “Bro the ref got that rizz” he wrote.

However, according to a user, Bruno was the only person to not have fear in his eyes while facing Tyson. “Bruno is the first person I’ve ever seen that didn’t have fear in their eyes while facing Mike Tyson.” he wrote.

Furthermore, a user named Daniel Johnson claimed that Bruno was a great boxer but did not receive a lot of recognition. “Bruno was a good boxer. You just don’t know.” he wrote.

Frank Bruno’s encounters with Tyson may have ended in defeat. However, his legacy in the sport remains firmly intact. Bruno’s willingness to step into the ring with Tyson, not once but twice, demonstrated a spirit of unwavering courage. Tyson’s legacy extends beyond mere victories and titles. It encompasses the impact he had on the sport of boxing itself, forever altering the expectations of what a Heavyweight fighter could achieve and its effect can be seen today.


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