Mike Tyson And Joe Rogan: This Man Made Me Rethink Many Things That I Do in My Life


Mike Tyson has been a household name for a couple of decades now. Even people who don’t follow boxing know who ‘Kid Dynamite’ is. But his journey to success didn’t come through a smooth road, instead, he had quite a difficult childhood and overcame numerous hardships. He became the strong man that he is today, because of his resilience that developed during his formative years. Besides being a ferocious boxer, Mike Tyson is also known for being a prudent man.

Tyson is also a keen reader and loves books. He even authored his own book ‘Undisputed Truth‘ and claimed to have relived the dark times. Nonetheless, his wisdom has been highlighted again, as a segment of his conversation with Joe Rogan on Joe Rogan Experience, has resurfaced online.

In that video, Tyson could be seen training in the backdrop with a voiceover of their conversation about the importance of discipline. Tyson said, “I don’t care how good you are in anything, if you don’t have discipline you ain’t nobody.” He also added that a person who has no discipline is also bound to give up very easily.


Furthermore, he defined the word as well, “Discipline is doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it.” Well, the moment Joe Rogan heard this, he uttered that this was a great quote. Seems like Joe Rogan wasn’t wrong.

Mike Tyson receives an outpouring of love

The resurfaced segment from Joe Rogan’s podcast has become an impetus in itself, for millions of fans. This is the blatant testimony of ‘Iron’ Mike’s wisdom. The fans adore Tyson’s motivational quotes and filled the comments section with their adulation.


One of the fans, markswmarksw6007, praised Tyson’s nature and hard work. They wrote, “In fact, Mike is an amazing person, everything he did throughout his life was not in vain. This man made me rethink many things that I do in my life. Long life to you, old Mike.”


Another fan, fnazazel750, wrote along similar lines, “Bro you are my inspiration. Mike thank you for changing my life. Meeting you will be my only request I ever want and need.”

While Alanchillboy157 wished to see ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ one more time inside the ring. They wrote, “Mike it’s great to see some training now that your older i was worried your inner fire burned out seems u still got it ❤“.

One fan, Escaybechay, expressed their dream to meet Tyson one day. They wrote, “I might get to hang out with Mike if I become more disciplined.” While, LianFox-vh2ts also added a quote of their own as they wrote, “Do to be, be to do, so, find what you hate and love it long time!”


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