Tyson Fury & Wife Paris Detail Their First Dinner With “Childhood Hero” Mike Tyson


Imagine being named after a boxing legend and looking up to him as your inspiration. And one day, your hard work pays back, and you, too, become a professional boxer. But that’s not just it. You also get to meet your superhero! That’s the tale of Tyson Fury. In a recent interview with ‘The Hook’, Tyson revealed his lovely encounter with none other than Mike Tyson.

In the interview, they reviewed iconic boxing movies. And then came the movie ‘The Hangover’ starring ‘Iron Mike.’ “The Hangover” is a comedy about three friends who wake up after a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas without remembering the night.

They find a tiger belonging to Mike Tyson in their room and embark on a chaotic quest to find the missing groom, encountering Tyson along the way. Further, this movie’s discussion led to Tyson and his wife, Paris Fury, sharing an unforgettable encounter with Mike Tyson. But what exactly happened when Tyson Fury and his wife met ‘The Kid Dynamite’? Read to find out!


What happened when Tyson Fury met his hero Mike Tyson?

Tyson Fury has a connection with Mike Tyson, and it transcends beyond sharing a name. “I was named after Mike Tyson. And yeah, always been a big influence of mine, Mike Tyson growing up being named after the world heavyweight champion,” Tyson Fury said. He admires Mike Tyson, and his influence is profound on his life. But what makes this connection special? A personal relationship between the two champions. Luckily, they had a chance encounter in a shopping center, which further led to dinner. The rest, as they say, is history.


Tyson’s wife, Paris, narrated the amusing incident when Fury spotted a signpost for Mike Tyson’s appearance in Las Vegas. Without hesitation, Fury walked past the queue and called out to Mike. The response? A cheerful “Champ! Champ!” from Mike Tyson. Furthermore, Tyson added, reflecting on the surreal experience, “It’s like, oh my God, I’m actually meeting Mike Tyson like my childhood hero. Like to have dinner with him and talk to him. It’s just what dreams are made of. And it’s so nice of a person as well.”

Paris described it as “quite a cool moment” especially since their kids were present, recognizing the significance of the meeting. She eked to the experience saying, “It was quite a cool moment because the kids were there and they were like, oh, this was someone they knew.”

The story of Tyson Fury’s meeting with Mike Tyson is a heartwarming tale of admiration, influence, and unexpected friendship. It’s a reminder that sometimes, dreams do come true, and heroes can become friends.


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