Mike Tyson reveals BIG mistake from Francis Ngannou during intense Tyson Fury fight training


Francis Ngannou is a former UFC champion and is venturing into new territory. His boxing debut comes with the caveat that he won’t have the chance to snatch Tyson Fury’s coveted world title. As the odds stand, Tyson Fury is unequivocally the favorite in this encounter, and his chances overshadow Ngannou’s.

Ngannou boasts a commendable record in professional fights. But the transition to professional boxing poses an entirely different challenge. Nonetheless, Mike Tyson remains optimistic about the 36-year-old’s potential, discerning a bright future in the sport for him.


He said, “I was speaking with Francis once he came in and I asked him ‘Are you sore today?’ And he said ‘No’. That was a big mistake. But we’re going to work and we’re going to exert everything he has for this particular match.” The overarching strategy involves an all-out effort to harness Ngannou’s full potential, ensuring he is primed for the imminent showdown.

Mike Tyson firmly contends that this contest will prove to be a far more arduous battle than people may think. “I definitely believe that it’s going to be a tougher fight than anyone thinks,” he said. Tyson’s appointment to Ngannou’s training team, a development that transpired merely a week ago, has ignited much excitement.

Mike Tyson’s plan for Francis Ngannou ahead of fight against Tyson Fury

According to Mike Tyson, Francis Ngannou isn’t an amateur in the realm of combat sports. He already boasts the title of world champion. The crux of the strategy lies in merging Ngannou’s explosive power and combat finesse into his punches. That, coupled with nimble footwork, would enable Ngannou to command the ring effectively, Tyson said.


Mike Tyson aims to win and he will entertain no other objective. The 36-year-old emphasized the intensive behind-the-scenes work that has gone into preparing for his showdown. He highlighted the gravity he attaches to the forthcoming fight. Demonstrating immense respect for his opponent, Francis Ngannou conveyed his unwavering commitment to this career-defining battle.

He dismissed any notion of intimidation and asserted his unyielding resolve to confront the challenge head-on. He said, “I am taking every single thing seriously, this for me is the biggest fight of my career.” According to Ngannou, this fight represents the zenith of his career.


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