Strategic Brilliance: How Mike Tyson Outwitted Buster Mathis Jr. in Style


Mathis Jr. was a formidable boxer in his own right. Although his accolades are nowhere close to, ‘Iron Mike,’ it bears a mention that he was regarded as a skillful boxer. Their clash intrigued the boxing world and their match-up garnered immense interest.

However, it was Tyson who rose to the occasion and was the victor stunningly. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the last few seconds of the bout to break down Tyson’s footwork and cutting angles.


A breakdown of Mike Tyson knocking out Buster Mathis Jr.

Their contest took place on December 16, 1995, in Philadelphia. Right off the bat, Tyson came in guns blazing on Mathis Jr. and Mathis Jr. had no answer to his pressure. Subsequently, the bout did not last long after Tyson landed a clean hook to Mathis Jr.’s chin and knocked him down. At that point, the referee felt that Mathis Jr. had no fight left in him and called the contest off— declaring Tyson the winner.

In a recent turn of events, The Fight Library on Facebook posted the knockout clip with a comprehensive breakdown. In the video, he emphasized the fact that Tyson was finding room to throw his vicious uppercuts in the clinch. While narrating the sequence, it stated, “Buster Mathis Jr. throws a lazy uppercut and Tyson hops to the outside. Tyson lands a crazy uppercut and Mathis still doesn’t turn to him. Still not turned in, Tyson has the right hook lined up.”


Tyson’s knockout of Mathis Jr. is one for the history books and can be examined to understand the finer details of shot selection. It is no secret that ‘Iron Mike’ is one of the greatest fighters of all time. However, did you ever wonder what excited Tyson the most about boxing? Let’s find out.


Tyson’s greatest desire

Tyson had it all; fame, fortune and luxuries. However, he cared most about being known and called the greatest boxer ever. In an episode of his podcast with Terence Crawford, the former boxer stated, “I am such an insecure f*ck. You can keep the money. Tell me I am the greatest ever.”

It is safe to say that if Tyson wanted to be known as the greatest, he has truly proved himself. The 57-year-old is still in the public limelight and is highly regarded by not just the boxing world but globally.


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