Unbelievable Adventure: Mike Tyson Sends Bryce Hall Soaring to New Heights


In a recent turn of events, Popular American social media personality Bryce Hall made his bare-knuckle boxing debut and won via a stoppage. The 23-year-old became famous on Tik-Tok in the year 2020 and swiftly transitioned to being a YouTuber. Additionally, in June of 2021, Hall fought Austin McBroom in the main event of the first card of, ‘Social Gloves.’ In the contest, Hall was evidently the lesser-skilled boxer. Subsequently, the bout did not last long and the contest ended in the third round with a KO victory.

Moreover, his boxing journey was far from over. Over the weekend, Hall faced Gee Perez at BKFC 48 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hall was the massive underdog going into the bout. However, he proved his cr itics wrong by knocking out Perez in the second round. Post his victory, Hall interacted with none other than Mike Tyson.



The interaction between Bryce Hall and Mike Tyson

Tyson retired from the sport almost 2 decades ago. However, his love for boxing still exists. He is frequently seen at boxing matches. Not to mention, he is a supporter of influencer boxing and considers it to be the need of the hour.

In a video posted by ESNews, Bryce Hall was featured on the former heavyweight champion’s podcast, ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.’ Moreover, amidst their conversation, Tyson’s co-host made Hall smoke up and got him high as a kite to promote a new marijuana product in the market. Needless to say that Hall truly had a good ‘Hotboxin,’ session with Tyson.


This recent victory for Hall opens up multiple options for him. Though, he is keen on facing Deji; KSI‘s younger brother.

Deji and Hall have beef and a fight between the two screams fireworks in the realm of influencer boxing. However, did you ever wonder why Tyson is supportive of influencer boxing? Let’s find out.


Tyson believes boxing “owes” fighters like Bryce Hall

The boxing world is usually split over their perspective on influencer boxing. Moreover, Tyson finds it to be beneficial for the sport. In an interview, he stated, “Well, listen. My ego says so many things. But my reality is they help boxing so much. Boxing owes these guys (YouTube boxers) some kind of respect.”

It is safe to say that Tyson is fond of influencer boxing and even pays close attention to it.


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