Freddie Gibbs’s Latest Tattoos Depicting Mike Tyson, Wesley Snipes, and Samuel L. Jackson Raise Eyebrows


Freddie Gibbs has shown off some of his latest tattoos, featuring three of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

On Tuesday (August 15), the 41-year-old MC shared a clip to his social media showing off some new ink covering his calf. In it, Gibbs points the camera to his leg and circles around it with “PYS,” his collaboration with DJ Paul, playing over the video.

His new body art comprises three iconic faces: Samuel Jackson as Jules from Pulp Fiction, Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks from Blade, and Mike Tyson’s famous picture holding up wads of cash during his heyday as a boxer.


Freddie Gibbs recently upset some pretty devoted fans when he revealed that there wouldn’t be a follow-up to his critically and commercially acclaimed Fetti project because of Curren$y’s alleged failure to effectively promote the project.

Taking to Twitter on in late June, the “Crime Pays” rapper responded to a few fans who remarked that rap wouldn’t be getting Fetti 2 because Curren$y’s latest project, Vices, sees him “fucking with all of [Freddie’s] enemies,” namely Jim Jones and Benny The Butcher, both of whom Gibbs has a long-standing beef.


Gibbs remarked that “we wasn’t going to get that shit regardless” before taking to what appears to be his burner Instagram page to reveal that Curren$y “shitted” on their first project.


“N-gga shitted on our first project,” he wrote. “Didn’t shoot one video or do one show. I ain’t get mad, I just subtracted him from the equation and me and Al made another classic [and] went to the Grammys. End of story.”

While fans won’t be getting a Fetti 2 anytime soon, there’s still no shortage of new Freddie Gibbs music to enjoy.

In Early June, Madlib debuted some new, unreleased songs he made with Freddie Gibbs and the late Mac Miller, and confirmed during a tour stop that he’s got a ton of new music in the works.


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