How Much Did Mike Tyson’S Lamborghini Truck Cost And What Were Its Features? Everything You Need To Know


It’s hard to hand a 20-year-old kid the world, but that’s exactly what happened to ‘Iron Mike’. Tyson famously shot into superstardom as a very young man, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion ever with a win over Trevor Berbick.

With the superstar status came some massive paydays as well. As many boxers do, Tyson bought himself several expensive automobiles when the purses began to come in. One of his biggest purchases was the famed Lamborghini LM002. First released in 1986, the luxury vehicle was meant as an off-roader.

The car was a departure from the Lamborghini line of cars at the time. They had previously created two very similar off-road vehicles, the Cheetah and the LM001. However, they both paled in comparison to Mike Tyson’s LM002.


The four-door utility truck was very powerful for its time but also featured other key features. Dubbed the ‘Rambo Lambo’, the car had a full luxury package including leather trim seats, tinted windows, air conditioning, a stereo, and more.

While a lot of those features are standard in cars today, it’s important to remember that the vehicle was released in the 80s. After all, if it’s good enough for Mike Tyson, it’s probably good enough for most.

Mike Tyson Lamborghini truck: ‘Iron Mike’ explains why he bought the vehicle

Mike Tyson knew that as soon as he saw the Lamborghini LM002, he dreamt of buying it.

The car itself was originally designed for military use but eventually became a civilian product. While unintentional, it only makes sense that ‘Iron Mike’ bought a car that was originally made for violence.


During the previous edition of his ‘Hotboxin’ Podcast, Mike Tyson explained why he bought the expensive truck. There, he revealed that he first saw the car as a 21-year-old, meeting Malcolm Forbes.

The millionaire and owner of Forbes magazine met the boxer and was using the car at the time. As Tyson recalled on his podcast, whenever he saw Forbes’ car, he dreamt of having it. He stated:

“So I was a young kid, probably 21, and I moved to this place called Bernardsville, New Jersey. The people that live there are very eminent… one day, I had just moved in Bernardsville, and who comes visit me? Malcolm Forbes. And what was he driving? A green LM002! A Lamborghini truck. And I was like ‘What is that!’ As soon as I found out how to get one, I got one man.”


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