Mike Tyson and Fans Pay Respects to the Passing of a Revered American Icon and Humanitarian at 92


In a world where people come and go, some leave legacies that will live on forever. Mike Tyson, arguably the greatest boxer of his generation, celebrated the legacy of one such person. His heartfelt testimony to the man we know as the ‘Godfather of Black Music’ hit harder than any of his knockout punches.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the man’s legacy, Tyson’s words echoed a sentiment felt globally with a tenderness he’s only shown a few. His tribute hinted at something deeper, something personal. Beyond the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, a bond was forged between a boxing champion and the ‘Black Godfather’.


Mike Tyson honors the black community’s great hero

Imagine a man responsible for the mainstream success of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bill Clinton, and many other musicians, athletes, and politicians. That was the legacy of the great Clarence Avant. He played a crucial role in promoting MJ’s first global tour, shaped Houston’s entire career trajectory, and helped Bill Clinton with political fundraising.

He also had great influence over sports. Avant’s connection with Muhammad Ali added to his appeal as he had produced a Primetime television special for ‘the greatest.’

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson took to Instagram to commemorate this icon. He wrote, “Rest In Peace to a giant among giants. Clarence Avant was a groundbreaking force helping countless entertainers and politicians. However, his greatest legacy was being a great husband, father and humanitarian. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.”

Clarence Avant wasn’t just a title on a business card. He was a force, breaking barriers and paving paths in the daunting world of entertainment. A mastermind behind numerous successful careers, his mentorship spanned across music, film, and politics. But, beyond his professional accolades, Avant’s impact was deeply personal.


Barack Obama and fans remember the impact of Clarence Avant

Some of the biggest names shared their admiration for Avant. Former US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, paid their tribute and wrote, “Michelle and I will always be grateful for Clarence’s friendship and wise counsel.” Avant had used his connections and resources to become a top fundraiser for three presidents — Jimmy Carter, Clinton, and Barack Obama.


Actress Viola Davis also took to Instagram and wrote, “For the paths you have blazed, the artists that you have influenced, emboldened, created…Thank you for living a BOLD life! You have earned your rest. Jacqueline is waiting with open arms for you!”

Magic Johnson posted, “Rest in peace to the legendary game-changing “Black Godfather”, and my great friend Clarence Avant. He knew how to touch every individual he met and meet them where they were in order to get them where they needed to be.”

Many social media users were saddened by his demise. One wrote, “@miketyson I am sorry to hear this sad news. R. I. P for your loss. 😢.”


Avant had helped many black athletes and artists in their careers. People looked back at some of his biggest contributions. A person commented, “Condolences the real Godfather of Harlem🔥🔥🔥,” reinforcing the unparalleled stature of this entertainment giant.

Avant is survived by his son, Alex Avant, and daughter, Nicole Avant, and her husband, Netflix co-chief executive and chief content officer Ted Sarandos. His journey, from the corridors of music to the echelons of politics, serves as a testament to the indelible footprints one can leave behind.

As Mike Tyson’s touching tribute and the wave of fan reactions underscore, Avant’s legacy is both profound and enduring. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021 for his contributions.


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