Unforgettable Forecast: Daniel Cormier’s Intriguing Prophecy About a Street Battle with Mike Tyson Keeps Fans Talking


The world of combat sports loves hypothetical matchups. In a resurfaced post, Daniel Cormier, a former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion, expressed an unusual wish. He claimed to “destroy” Mike Tyson in a street fight. Moreover, he believes his wrestling skills would give him an edge over Tyson. However, this claim has sparked much discussion and debate. On Facebook, fans have left a polarized opinion about it too.

Perhaps few subjects will spark as much debate as a potential street fight between UFC legend and boxing icon Mike Tyson. What if these two Titans faced off in a street fight? The fans seem to have the potential answers! Reacting to the post, some applauded Cormier’s confidence, while others questioned his statement.


How did the fans react to the potential bout between Mike Tyson and Daniel Cormier?

This ultimately led a fan, Chuck Caudill, to say that DC could defeat Mike Tyson. He might choke Tyson unconscious or break his arm. Tyson could win with a lucky uppercut. The statement also calls Cormier a “crotch sniffer,” a derogatory term used to belittle someone’s boxing skills. He said, “To be honest, DC would take Tyson down & either choke Tyson unconscious or break his arm unless Tyson got lucky and caught him with an uppercut when DC would shoot for it a double leg. But dc is still considered a crotch sniffer.”


On the other hand, James March adds his perspective, stating, “I believe that James Toney found out. I believe that Conor McGregor CRUSHES Floyd Mayweather in a street fight. Same for Tyson; stay in your lane.” This additionally reflects the fandom of Mike Tyson and how his fans think it’s a far-fetched move on Daniel Cormier’s end.


Next, Michael Ingiosi added a snub reaction, saying, “Tyson would knock him out with one punch, so DC will never have a chance to take him down.”

Furthermore, Jesus Daniel Ceja contemplates that Cormier has a good shot if he could block or dodge the first three punches with ‘Kid Dynamite.’ He says, “If he could block/dodge the first three punches, he has a good shot.”

Then, James Peploe succinctly lays out the repercussions of the bout for Cormier. He said, “Bedtime, DC.”


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