43-YO Old Boxer Achieves Mike Tyson’s Unbreakable Record Set 36 Years Ago


In a realm where fists speak louder than words, legends like Mike Tyson set standards seemingly unreachable. Yet, recently, the boxing world’s corners resonated with unexpected murmurs. A name unfamiliar in the annals of boxing’s elite began to gain momentum. At 43, when many echo Tyson’s legacy and contemplate retirement, one steps into the spotlight, his intent fierce.

Records that some people like Tyson established remain intimidating, unyielding monoliths. But here’s a tale of an outlier, defying norms and age. Each punch was thrown for victory and a spot in history.


The countdown begins: 59 days to break a long-standing record set by Mike Tyson

On August 19th, Jesus Escalera stepped into the ring, eyes fixed on more than just his opponent, Marcelo Leandro Da Silva. Every punch and every dodge meant history. And as the match progressed, the anticipation reached a feverish pitch. Jesus happens to be the President of T&K Boxing Promotions and decided to try his hand out at boxing on October 14 last year.

The bout was intense, with both fighters demonstrating their skill and determination. But it was Escalera, with unwavering focus, who delivered the decisive blow, knocking out Da Silva. The crowd erupted, not just for the win but for what it represented.


This wasn’t merely Escalera’s 17th win. It was his 17th knockout in his 17th fight. A record-setting achievement that placed him squarely alongside a legend: Mike Tyson. At 43, Escalera had managed to equal a record that Tyson had set 36 years prior, which many considered untouchable.


Boxing Kingdom captured the moment perfectly. They tweeted, “New World Record tonight in boxing: Jesus Escalera, at 43 years old, got his 17th KO win in his first year as a pro tonight.” However, they swiftly corrected, “Record is equaled. Escalera has 59 days to break the record.”

In the annals of boxing, few have risen so swiftly to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with legends like Mike Tyson. Unquestionably, Jesus Escalera’s meteoric rise has shaken the foundation of boxing history due to his unwavering determination and unmatched skill. As he inches closer to possibly breaking a three-decade-old record, the question remains: Will Escalera surpass Tyson’s legacy in the upcoming 59 days? Only time will tell.


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