Mike Tyson’s Staggering $1.1m Offer to Settle the Score with Peter McNeeley in Epic Rematch


Mike Tyson has been offered $1.1 million (£888,000) to fight ‘Hurricane’ Peter McNeeley for his comeback.

Iron Mike has announced that he plans to return to the ring in order to raise money for charity and is looking to take part in four or five-round exhibition fights.

Tyson has been tipped to face Evander Holyfield in his comeback fight as the 57-year-old is also back in training and is planning a return to boxing.


But Boston Boxing Promotions has announced that it will offer Tyson a substantial amount for a second fight with McNeeley.

‘Hurricane’ McNeeley lasted just 89 seconds against Tyson during their first fight in 1995.


Iron Mike had come off a four-year lay-off from boxing, which included a three-year spell in prison after he was convicted of raping Desiree Washington.


Tyson floored McNeeley twice in the first round before Hurricane’s corner stepped into the ring and stopped the contest.


When asked about a potential rematch against Tyson, McNeeley, who is now 51 and has not fought professionally since June 2001, said: ‘Hey, if I’m offered the right price, then yes I will.

‘You never know what this might turn into.

‘I had no fear of Tyson back in ’95 and I have no fear now, not after fighting 54 pro fights!’


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