Mike Tyson Once Revealed a ‘$200,000’ Incident That Left Him $325,000 Poorer: “She Sued Me”


Mike Tyson has made many questionable decisions throughout his career. However, none are more eccentric and questionable than his choice of pets. After his release from prison, Tyson went on to purchase tigers and kept them in his house as pets. Although, there was one $200,000 incident which led to a woman suing Tyson and leaving him $325,000 poorer.

Due to his boxing prowess, Tyson faced no problems in selling out arenas for his fights. He was one of the most profitable fighters the world has ever seen. Even though he couldn’t stay out of trouble, there was something about Tyson that made the fans watch his fights and support him.

Due to this, Tyson made almost $400 million during his boxing days. However, he spent away his fortune just as fast as he built it. There was a time when Tyson had to file for bankruptcy and start building up his financial empire from scratch. Events like the woman suing Tyson were one of the many reasons why he burnt up his wealth.


Mike Tyson was sued by a woman in a $200,000 incident

Mike Tyson is big friends with Joe Rogan. ‘Kid Dynamite’ has appeared on his podcast over three times and each time the duo has created a fascinating podcast. During one of his appearances, Tyson spoke about an incident that changed his mind about keeping Tigers as pets. Rogan asked Tyson what he used to do with his cats, in case he had to fly to a different place.

Tyson said, “They came with me. This one time, we had to take him to Texas, right? And the trainer knows the cats. So, he’s playing with the cats and this young lady came out of her house, thinking she could play with the kitty. Cause he was (super) cute. Oh you so cute – ad she (Tiger) ripped her hand off. She sued me and stuff and she lost the case. But I gave her $200,000 anyway because she was fu*ked up. So, I said, ‘Yeah, you can keep it.’“
Tyson has many regrets in his life and surely this incident would be one of them. Despite the ferocious nature of the wild cats, Tyson was deeply attached to his pet tigers. He even showed this love in the Hangover movie. However, after many years Tyson showed remorse over the ownership of the predator.



Tyson regrets owning the Tigers

Mike Tyson is famous for his boxing, face tattoo, and for owning Tigers. The notorious boxer lived an extravagant lifestyle and was quite bold when it came to showing off how rich he was. He had to live his life in an exuberant manner. However, this led to him owning Tigers, something which he now regrets.

Tyson said, “There’s no way you can domesticate these cats 100 percent. No way that’s going to happen… I’m just happy I educated myself. I was doing the wrong sh*t. I shouldn’t have had them in my house, believing they were domesticated. I was wrong.“

Tyson has made amends with his life as much as he could and now focuses on his entrepreneurial ventures. Moreover, he is a family man now and loves to spend time with his kids. ‘Baddest man on the planet’ has come a long way from his young adventurous days and has completely changed himself as a person.


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