The Next McGregor? Mike Tyson Compares Francis Ngannou to the Notorious Ahead of Massive $10,000,000+ Boxing Debut


Francis Ngannou has made a surprising alliance with the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ Mike Tyson. Tyson is coaching ‘The Predator’ ahead of his $10 million boxing debut against Tyson Fury. Recently, both the coach and the pupil decided to sit down and create a podcast to promote the fight. During, their conversation coach Tyson compared Ngannou to his former UFC peer Conor McGregor.

Ngannou and McGregor have captivated the fans over the years. Whilst McGregor reigned supreme over the featherweight and lightweight division. Ngannou was the former UFC heavyweight champion before his UFC exit due to a spoiled relationship with company’s President Dana White.

Whilst he was still fighting for UFC, Ngannou was in the conversation for one of the most entertaining and lethal heavyweights of all time. The French fighter has fought inside the octagon 14 times, winning 12 of those fights and losing two. What’s more, Ngannou left UFC whilst still in his prime and vacating his heavyweight title.


Mike Tyson compared Francis Ngannou with Conor McGregor

During their conversation, Tyson recalled how McGregor was praised for his performance against Mayweather. According to a report from the Mirror, Tyson claimed that if McGregor can be praised and deliver such a performance against one of the greatest then why can’t Ngannou?

Tyson said, “Floyd Mayweather is the greatest fighter in the world as far as technique and style goes.So why doesn’t he have a chance if McGregor did well and made a great account of himself? Everybody respects him for his efforts. Nobody is saying ‘Oh, he’s a bit*h’, no one is saying that.“


It makes sense that if McGregor was praised for his performance and could stand his ground for 10 rounds against one of the greatest. Then Ngannou also has the potential to deliver a performance and perhaps even shock the world. Ahead of their fight, McGregor even gave his verdict on the Ngannou vs. Fury, ‘Baddest Motherfu*ker on the planet’ fight.


Mystic Mac predicts Ngannou vs. Fury

The Irishman has been a part of one of the most hyped-up boxing fights of all time. Thus, it was quite interesting to see him predict what is going to happen in Ngannou vs. Fury. According to a report from Dazn, McGregor gave his verdict on the fight.

McGregor said, “I’m interested, let’s see how it goes. I’ve not heard much about it but I’m happy for Ngannou, fair play to him. What weight is Tyson? Is he in shape? Anything can happen in there, so I wish them both well and I’m excited to see it.“

Everyone, including McGregor, is interested in the clash of two heavyweight superstars. With not much time left, it remains to be seen whether Mike Tyson’s influence will be enough for Ngannou to get over the line and do what no other fighter on the planet has been able to do against Tyson Fury. Who do you think is going to win?


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