Francis Ngannou Gives His Prediction to Mike Tyson Ahead of October Bout – The Light Is Turning Off for Him


Francis Ngannou will make his boxing debut against Tyson Fury and is short of no confidence. The former UFC Heavyweight champion rose to stardom and UFC ranks in a short space of time. The 36-year-old is known for his ferocious style of fighting and hard-hitting punches. Intriguingly, ‘The Predator,’ is the record holder of the hardest punches ever.

Subsequently, Ngannou, despite the odds against him considers to get a stoppage against Fury. In an episode of ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,’ the MMA fighter gives his prediction for the contest. In addition, he reveals the reason behind his confidence to do the unthinkable. So let’s wait no further and dive in.


How does Francis Ngannou foresee his fight against Fury?

Their Heavyweight showdown will take place on October 28. Ahead of the fight, Mike Tyson is reportedly training the MMA fighter. During their conversation, ‘Iron Mike,’ wanted to know how Ngannou foresees his boxing debut. However, his question was more specific and he was curious to know if Fury could handle a punch from a hard-hitter. Tyson asked, “What do you think is gonna happen when you land the bomb on Tyson Fury?” In response, Tyson revealed that Fury would not be able to take one clean shot from him. However, he did acknowledge that landing a punch on a skillful boxer is a challenge.

He answered, “If I land the bomb on Tyson Fury I think the light is turning off for him. But the problem for now is how to sharpen the weapon to land the bomb perfectly.” In addition, Ngannou liked the concept used by Tyson’s former trainer, Teddy Atlas of having a holistic set of skills to secure a knockout. He added, “It is good to have a bomb but it’s also good. I love great Teddy Atlas he always says like delivery system. You need to have a proper delivery system.”


It appears that Ngannou is approaching the fight in a prudent manner. On paper, it would be hard to suggest that Ngannou would be the victor in this clash. However, we do know that Fury has been susceptible to power punches and suffered a knockdown in the past. Along this line, let’s take a look at how his coach, ‘Kid Dynamite’ foresees this fight.


Mike Tyson is quite confident

Fury is a betting favorite but Tyson thinks Ngannou is a type of fighter he has never faced in his life. And he credits the same to sheer power the MMA fight possess. In an interview, he stated, “Tyson’s never been in the ring with a guy that can punch this hard. I think this guy punches harder than anybody he’s ever fought.”

It is safe to say that both Tyson and Ngannou are banking on their power to secure a victory. This adds fuel to the fire and makes the bout more interesting.


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